‘Her Client’, a woman reader’s perspective

1-Her-Client-3DFrom a reader regarding ‘Her Client’

A lesson was learned when reading ‘Her Client’ than just the terror and fright I felt. Now that I completed the series, I can reflect on a small part of the initial novella. It is the knowledge of making each person I meet to feel special and to take the time to make that happen.

I am not saying if Jolene did that, it might have prevented her subsequent torture. I am just referring to myself and saying I need to stop and take the time to make my family, friends, co-workers and the consumers I come in contact with every day to feel special from our interaction.

I know it is harder than just writing these words and we all have days like Jolene. We all feel we are busy and we just want to go home, make a drink or have a good soak. Yet, the point Jolene and I need to understand is that everyone is important.

I need to make my clients feel special even when I want to leave the office and go home like Jolene. Money may not be lost in my business like in Jolene’s case yet for all our clients they need to know they are being heard and how they feel matters.

Janet Maggio

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