Star Wars Revelations

In 2004, I had the opportunity to appear as an extra in a Star Wars® fan film, Star Wars Revelations. I’m credited in the movie as a background artist, at minute mark 42 minutes.

Star Wars RevelationsSet in a timeframe immediately prior to Star Wars, A New Hope (Episode IV), my character was an ambassador attending a formal cocktail party between Republic Senators and Galaxy Ambassadors.

My first appearance in the movie occurs at the 18 minute mark, when Darth Vader and Stormtroopers surround us, take us prisoner, and cart us off to a hard-labor prison planet. At the same time, Palatine abolishes the Republican Senate and transfers power to the The Empire, with himself the Emperor.


My scene, filmed in Washington DC at the Smithsonian Museum of Women, was exciting, tiring, and frankly, boring at times. We reported to the museum at exactly 5 p.m. and spent the entire night filming the scene. I left the shoot at approximately 6 a.m. the following morning. I have clear memories of getting through wardrobe, only to sit around for hours before being called to the set.

Star Wars Revelations Party SceneOver the course of the night, this continued, leaving the set, returning to the set, stepping outside the museum to take in a bit of fresh air. By early morning, the set was hot, and opportunities for fresh air were mandatory.

I remember one time, when we were all out on the streets, some of us for a quick smoke, when a couple of the extras dressed as stormtroopers, began directing traffic on the streets of Washington DC, similar to the scene in A New Hope at the spaceport on the planet of Tatooine. We all laughed, watching the cars go by, some even following their directions. It was hilarious.

If you like Star Wars, I encourage you to watch the movie. It’s available on YouTube in it’s full length feature length. There are various links to wiki’s and all across the net. Feel free to learn more. As of 2017, here are the links that I found: