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My Motto

Attitude, a friend's way of reminding me of my motto.

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible, it’s all in the attitude.

Richard Verry

My motto says a lot about me. I live this motto every day of my life. Be positive. Stay positive. I created it as a kid, loosely based upon something I realized watching the original series Star Trek® as a child.

It directs how I view the world and how I address the obstacles that life throws in my path. I work hard to apply it to everyday tasks, from washing the dinner dishes to cleaning the backed up toilet. I try to attack my duties with a positive attitude. Not that I succeed every time. No, I fail a lot, but I keep trying.

I grew up in a world of believing that everything worth doing; was worth doing well and with a smile on my face. I accept that what may not exist today will probably exist tomorrow or the next day.

You may think it incredulous, but who would have thought that those ‘Star Trek’® communicators that flipped up would become a reality a decade ago as a flip phone, and nearly obsolete today? Who knew?

I’ve overcome many adversities in my life. Who hasn’t?

While my life path could be worse, I won’t let that stop me. I don’t know why, but I look to move forward, not backward. I won’t let myself stagnate.

To me, stagnation means death. I don’t know about you, but I plan to keep on living.

Now, what’s your motto?


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