Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio

Mermaid in her Lair - 1000 pcs

Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio Update: August 13, 2020 Everyone who knows me, knows I like mermaids. I am deeply disappointed with this latest puzzle I assembled. The die cuts weren’t completely cut through the wood. The plywood is very cheap and flimsy. Normally, plywood would be a decent, lightweight material to maintain strength… Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio

Christmas 2018 Ornaments

Hallmark 50th Anniversary Star Trek - Starship Enterprise NCC1701

My girlfriend suggested a new gallery which I call my Christmas 2018 Ornaments. They represent a few of my latest acquisitions to my ornament collection. Okay, there are a couple older ones but they mean a lot to me. Check them out. So you see that I collect Star Trek® and Star Wars® ships for… Continue reading Christmas 2018 Ornaments

Christmas 2018

Who's on the naughty list?

Christmas 2018 gallery of photos Yesterday, I wrote about setting up for the holiday, which kept me from writing all that much. Here is the result of a job well done, at least as reported by family and guests who stop by for drinks and conversation. I can’t offer you a drink but I can say… Continue reading Christmas 2018