Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio

Mermaid in her Lair

Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio

Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio

Update: August 13, 2020

Everyone who knows me, knows I like mermaids. I am deeply disappointed with this latest puzzle I assembled. The die cuts weren’t completely cut through the wood. The plywood is very cheap and flimsy. Normally, plywood would be a decent, lightweight material to maintain strength and integrity.

Not this plywood. It’s the poorly made with a minimum of pressure and glue. The layers of the plywood are delaminating, forcing me to repair dozens of the pieces with a bit of wood glue. I also had to use a Xacto razor knife to trim the poorly cut edges of debris.

If I could give this product zero stars, I would indeed. Overall, this was the most frustrating puzzle I’ve ever done, and only reinforces my desire to never buy Chinese wood puzzles again. Continue reading “Jigsaw Puzzle Portfolio”

Christmas 2018 Ornaments

Starship Enterprise NCC1701

My girlfriend suggested a new gallery which I call my Christmas 2018 Ornaments. They represent a few of my latest acquisitions to my ornament collection.

Okay, there are a couple older ones but they mean a lot to me. Check them out.

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So you see that I collect Star Trek® and Star Wars® ships for my tree. I have many, many more as I have been collecting them since the 80’s. As you can tell, I like my mermaids as well.

Feel free t send me a comment or two. I will respond in a timely manner. Feel free to check out my books available on Amazon and other ebook retailers.

Thanks for taking a look.

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 gallery of photos

Yesterday, I wrote about setting up for the holiday, which kept me from writing all that much. Here is the result of a job well done, at least as reported by family and guests who stop by for drinks and conversation.

I can’t offer you a drink but I can say this. Enjoy!

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