About Me

About me and who I am.

About Me

What is it about me? Who am I? What do I want? Why am I so passionate about my writing? Find out and more by checking out all the links under this menu.

Everything is possible; nothing is impossible; it’s all in the attitude.
~ Richard Verry


Published novels and novellas.


Number of novels I am working on.


Average number of ideas and story lines queued up to write. Actual count changes daily.


Ideas, scenes, images and story lines flowing through my brain each day.


Characters who have real-life counterparts that I used for inspiration.


Approximate cups of coffee consumed every year.


Close friends and relatives that support and give me strength to write on.


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Live-in girlfriend and muse helping me with my writing.

My Novels

If you enjoy disturbing details, charming villains, and desperate heroes, you’ll love my thrilling, tie-you-in-knots stories.

Mona's Stories

My stories come to me in the weirdest of places. I wake up with an idea, inspired by my dirty mind and coupled with a need to explore ‘what if?’.

Writing my ideas down is an adventure filled with excitement and desire. I pour my heart and soul into every word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter.

If you like twisted plots, perplexing characters, and unlikely scenarios which somehow could be true, you’ll devour my stories, and look for more tantalizing tales from the depths humanity can go.

Who Am I?

What’s to say about me? Thousands of images and scenes flow through my mind day and night. I can’t capture them all. I wish I could, though I try in my artwork and writing. Still, so many of them get away from me. Most of all, I want more. I need more.

My motto says it all in eleven short words.

Everything is possible; nothing is impossible; it’s all in the attitude.

My stories do a better job of capturing some of these images that flow through my thoughts. It is why I like to paint realism and write dramatic fiction centered on fantasy, sci-fi, and the beautifully impressive, naked women.

I discovered I could seize my imagery using words. It’s beautiful and makes me happy. As you read my stories or view my paintings, you can visualize me applying my motto in my creative works just as I do in my everyday life. Maybe even more so.

My Goal

To earn enough in my writings to buy a beach house ?, a fully outfitted Corvette with all the amenities in the garage,  and write full-time with a margarita ? in hand with my feet buried in the sand.


Thank you for giving me your valuable time. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Do you have anything that you want to discuss with me? Don’t hesitate, write me. I make it a priority to respond to every message as humanly possible. Leave a message below, and I will get back to you as quickly as humanly possible. I ask only one thing, be respectful of both your criticisms and compliments. Otherwise, subscribe to my blog. I promise I won’t inundate your inbox. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.