About Me

Richard Verry PortraitI authored this motto in my teens. Since then and to this day, I live my life by this code of conduct.

“Everything is possible; nothing is impossible; it’s all in the attitude.”

So, that says a lot about me. I grew up in a world of believing that everything worth doing was worth doing well. I know that many things don’t seem possible but who would have thought that those ‘Star Trek’© communicators that flipped up would become a reality a decade ago.

I am the son of a war veteran who, when he returned home from war, found his bride had moved on in life and left him and a baby behind. I suppose I should consider myself lucky as I was born to his second wife. Otherwise, I might not be around today. Both were creative people. Dad’s creativity came from his soul but had technique like I’ve never seen before. Mom had the creative talent but no technique. I think I inherited some of each.

Today, thousands of images and scenes flow through my mind every day, all day long. I can’t capture them all. My artwork tries, but so many of them get away from me. Don’t get me wrong. I love every piece I create. I pour my soul is into each of them. However, they fall short in that it takes too much time to build a single frame of a scene. I want more. I need more. That’s when I rediscovered creative writing.

My stories do a better job of capturing some of these images that flow through my thoughts. It is why I like to paint realism and write dramatic fiction centered on fantasy, sci-fi, and the beautifully awesome, naked female form. I can incorporate dozens of scenes into a novel. Each scene is then segmented into tens or hundreds of frames, capturing the thoughts and behaviors of my characters. I found that I can paint my imagery with my words. It’s wonderful.

Revealing my true self is still rather scary in a politically correct world where even the slightest offhand comment or opinion is globally and publicly chastised and degraded with outrage and indignity. Some say I have a deviant spirit. Maybe I do. Some embrace what I expose. Others do not. I have decades of experience hiding parts of me from the world. I’m slowly learning to rewrite those feelings and embrace who I truly am. Thankfully, I have an exceptional and dear person in my life who allows me the freedom to be who I truly am, to explore my inner self, even though she doesn’t understand it at times.

So, there you have it. I’m a free-spirit who embraces as much as I can. I accept that others have their beliefs, even to the extent that those beliefs make me nauseous. I will never try to change someone else as I expect them to not try and change me. I am open-minded enough to understand that not everything may be the truth. I question everything. I demand to know the source of any supposed fact tossed at me. From that, I make my own judgments.

I observe as much as I can. I explore that which interests me.

I see the universe we live in as a living entity. Life is everywhere. Do I believe in Mother Nature? Absolutely. Her ancient name dating back ten thousand years is ‘Gaia’. I think of her frequently, and use her name in my stories. The spirit of life lives in each of us. Life exists in the flowers and trees outside my window, in the rocks we step on, in the stars in the sky, in our galaxy and well, throughout the entire universe. If you ask me what I believe, I will often say “We are not alone.”

Mathematically, it is highly improbable that we lowly humans are alone in the universe. My only hope is that as a species, we mature enough to be prepared for the moment when the question of ‘are we alone?’ is eventually answered.

Thanks for reading this far. Write me if you would like to know more. I will do my best to respond promptly. I only ask that you be patient. I know you’re busy, as I am.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.