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You may not like what they do with it. During your annual physical, a well-paid receptionist forwards your chart to an international human trafficking ring. A clear violation of the HIPAA Laws, but who cares? Money is a great incentive. Consider what happens after they take you, ship you off, and sell you at auction? Can you imagine your new life? Can you imagine a life as owned property? Avril Gillios doesn't have to imagine it; she has to live it. The question is, can she survive it?

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Follow the stories and novels by Richard Verry as he expresses his thoughts and visions through creative writing, transformed into easy to read but intense suspense stories.

Her Client Trilogy

Follow Jolene, an attractive account executive as she suffers unimaginable and inconceivable acts of violence and brutality. You will scream when she does in this gripping and heinous tale. Lose yourself in Jolene’s torment and share her sickening agony. When you read her story, you’ll cry for her in these captivating horrific stories.

Mona Bendarova Adventures

Touching -- At first I wasn't sure if I could continue to finish this book. It seemed so barbaric. Some parts left me speechless and others were soft and tender. However, by the end I was crying. But, was it or me and how sad I felt, or for Honey in her greatest accomplishment?

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