We all like Friends

We all like to have people and organizations which we like to hang with or have done us a solid. Well, my readers and followers, here are some of my friends who have an online presence who have asked me to link my site to theirs. How could I refuse? Check them out at your leisure. Maybe they will become your friends one day.

My Friends

With little fanfare, I present some of my friends, at least those that maintain a web presence. Please take a moment and check them out.


The online art gallery of the artist, writer, author and novelist, Richard Verry.

Yeah, that’s me. It’s my alternate site, showcasing my online art gallery. Blatant self-promotion, so shoot me.

Tammy Brunnengraeber, LMT

Be relaxed. Be renewed. Be restored.

Do you need a tune up? Do you live in the Rochester, NY area? If so, check out Tammy. Let her take care of you. I do and often. She’s great.

Be Massage & Wellness

The Aphrodite Group

Society is not always kind to the kink and fetish community. At TAG, short for ‘The Aphrodite Group,’ they support their members and help them safely explore their kink. They welcome diversity that kink and BDSM offer.

If you would like to promote your site on this page, send me a note. I’m sure we can make it happen.

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