A Mermaids Irresistible Curiosity

In Mermaids Irresistible Curiosity, find out how, as a denizen of the deep, the mermaid Oblivion can no longer resist the pull of the surface and what might lie above the seas. Her opportunity to find out arrives when she discovers a vessel floating about above her.

Unaware of the danger of a net they cast in their quest for the catch of the day, they pull her from the sea only to discover she’s found the missing love of her life.

Follow her journey as she discovers her inner self and the captain of her destiny.

A Mermaids Irresistible Curiosity

A Mermaid’s Irresistible Curiosity

When love outweighs reason.

Copyright © 2007, 2017, 2021, 2023
Richard Verry, all rights reserved

Seeking an adventure to satisfy an irresistible curiosity,
the mermaid ‘oblivion’ decides to discover what was up with
that net drifting from the surface of the sea.

A place one rarely goes, the surface is
a place full of the feared unknown, yet
exciting and stimulating nonetheless.

Heart pounding hard inside your chest
you swim impulsively towards the surface,
with a burning need to find out the rest.

In a whirlwind of excitement and fear;
you circle the net, exploring, investigating,
oblivious to the approaching peril … until it’s too late.

Oblivious to time and surroundings,
you live up to your name,
consumed by the carnivorous net.

Resigning yourself to your fate and the gods,
you’re snatched brusquely from the sea.
Exhausted and oxygen-deprived, you lose conscience.

Upon awakening, you find yourself bound and gagged.
Lying on your back looking up at your captor, you are …
Helpless… Immobile… Naked… Exposed… Vulnerable.

Despite your futile struggles and straining,
restrained and immobile, unable to escape;
alive and alert, you watch and await your destiny.

Glistening wet, warm and supple
in the warm moist tropical air,
your skin is flushed and tingling with anticipation.

Gracefully framing your face, your hair,
that looks silky and sexy underwater,
lies disheveled and knotted out around you.

Buoyed by salt water
your firm and supple breasts now
sagging unsupported in the warm salt air.

Droplets of water cling proudly to erect nipples
confessing the truth of your feelings
of excited anticipation in your predicament.

mermaid line art

Straining under the tension of your bindings,
sore from the knee of your captor,
he kneels on your back as he binds you.

Laboring for release and relief, elbows touching,
your shoulders and arms ache
from being tightly bound behind you.

The fiery orange and red scales of your tail,
sparkling beautifully in the warm tropical sun
now compressed under the ropes securing you.

Your tail fin flaps uselessly on the deck
rigged to keep it from doing any good,
unable to do its duty and help you escape.

The radiant and bright look in your eyes
speaks of fear, excitement, and wonder
telling the story of just how you honestly feel.

Nervous and yet excited about the adventures to come,
your mind reels, marveling in awe;
you resign yourself to the hands of your new Master.

You realize what’s been missing all your life
the world below expects you to take charge
and be the master of your destiny.

Yes, that’s it… you finally figured out
what’s been troubling you all your life?
It’s what’s been eating away at you since you can remember.

Happiness is the joy of serving, of submitting to another.
Bliss is freely giving yourself to the power of the
satisfaction is the contentment of being owned by another.

The magnitude of this epiphany is stunning;
recalling the inner joy you feel,
every time you touch upon this revelation.

The solution, the simplicity of it all, is quite clear.
Decide you do and give Him power over you
to control you, to do with you as He pleases.

Just as a portal opens, you swim through,
you’re at peace with the world,
you submit to Him and His control.

Trying to guess what He is about to do,
He bends over you, exciting you further
with longing anticipation, you await His touch.

He binds you more; His fingers caress your body and tail;
your face and hair, your breasts and nipples, your sex,
‘Oh, please don’t stop….’

Effortlessly, He wraps His bindings tightly
around your chest, your breasts intricately
pinching in all the right places.

Your breasts slowly turn blue and hard,
straining against the ropes tightly encircling them,
filling with blood that, like you, can’t escape their bondage.

He pinches your nipple, giving them a hard and firm twist.
You react to the biting pain, arching your back as
He smiles, enjoying your distress.

mermaid glyph

You wonder to yourself, just how did He manage to
expertly tie you, your breasts, arms, and tail together?
You entirely depend on Him and His care.

You find yourself surprised and eager for Him
to touch you… to pinch your erect nipples once more;
sending waves of pain and pleasure straight to your sex.

He approaches you, rope in hand;
preparing to suspend you, upside down
to show off His catch, for all to see.

The notion excites you
you’re ready to show off for Him,
eager to display yourself for His pleasure.

He rigs the rope around your arms and tail
and smoothly hoists you until you hang freely;
the world spinning upside down.

He smiles and gazes with satisfaction
of the excellent catch, He has worked so hard to land,
and now His to do with as He pleases.

For posterity’s sake and fond memories of the day,
He takes the expected photograph,
standing happily alongside His captured prize.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, your Master
gazes upon your loveliness, your beautiful body,
satisfied with the catch He has made this day.

You hear the rumble of a sound unfamiliar,
the low rhythmic sound you finally recognize
as the drone of a motor churns the water behind.

Swinging in the breeze to the rhythm of the sea,
you swing out over the gunwale and see the water below;
teasing you to the home you leave behind.

As you look out towards the horizon,
the sea above and sky below in your inverted suspension,
you notice your brethren in the distance… grimly wishing you well.

Looking back at Him and silently hoping
that He will be gentle, that He will be kind,
and give you many occasions to please Him … your new Master.

Mermaid Reef Madonna

Excited at the notion that He controls your body,
happy in the thought that He owns you;
you readily give yourself and your body to Him.

Silently to yourself, you beg
“Come closer so I can smell you,
touch me, let me feel Your caress.”

Your mind obsesses, you are His to command.
Just what will please Him? Anything and everything–you will give Him;
you will withhold from Him nothing.

Thrilled to be His, you crave
His magnificent manhood pounding deep inside you,
yearning to give Him the same pleasure He will give you.

Anticipating a breathtaking new existence,
you reel in the notion when you heard Him say,
“He is taking you home, the sweet mermaid of the sea, and mount you.”

You can’t wait.

Copyright © 2007, 2017, 2021, 2023
Richard Verry, all rights reserved

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