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Richard Verry began life floundering as he made his way through life. As he grew, he discovered his artistic and logical talents, which he inherited partly from his parents. Dad was an excellent technician with the brush but lacked a creative side. Mom was creative and dabbled in many mediums but needed more technical expertise. Through osmosis, practice, and seeking help from outside sources, Rich blended their talents with his own and learned the required skills.

Throughout childhood, Rich doodled in class, at home, and wherever. He sketched imaginary ships that could travel through space, water, air, and underground. He wrote many stories, all lost to time. His subject matter changed as he grew, and his skills grew stronger. Reaching puberty, his thoughts focused more and more on girls, women, and the female form, which manifested in his creativity. While he received little formal training in the arts, he experimented with various media and styles, including writing, sketching, drawing, and photography.

As an adult

His biography continues, and as an adult, earning a living took precedence over his talents. He married, had a child, divorced, and dealt with two long-term periods without a career job. Despite his tenacity to overcome life’s challenges, his career choice gave him satisfaction, though he always felt he lacked something critical.

Richard graduated college, earning a Master’s degree in Information Systems. He did it the hard way, taking part-time classes at night and on weekends. It was slow, taking over a decade to achieve his three degrees. Looking back, he feels he missed something in the experience and believes he would have gone full-time right from the start.

However, at the time, no one showed him the way, including his college prep high school. The college counselors should have noticed his file early in his senior year but didn’t. When they did, they claimed it was too late to do anything about getting him into college. He now knows they were full of shit. If there is a will, there is a way. It’s all in the attitude. However, he’s proud of his accomplishments, proving that he can overcome anything blocking his goals.


Years later, after surviving a painful divorce, he rediscovered his artistic side, putting into practice his motto. Over the past twenty years, he’s refined his drawing and painting skills, creating hundreds of compositions. He finds joy in writing his stories that not everyone is writing, but he is finding his way and his niche to stand out among the masses.

Richard Verry retired from his career as an Information Technology engineer and is prioritizing his creative skills daily. His artistry includes several published novels and an extensive gallery of drawings, watercolor, and oil paintings. He lives with his long-term live-in girlfriend, making their home in Rochester, NY, beside Lake Ontario in the north-eastern United States.

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