A Woman Reader’s Perspective on ‘Her Essentia’

3-Her-Essentia-3DFrom a reader regarding ‘Her Essentia’

Revenge is seen as a negative characteristic yet I was cheering for Jolene in the third story, ‘Her Essentia’. Again, as I finished the story, I needed time to reflect on what I read and think beyond the applause of Jolene getting revenge on her “takers”.

I believe the experience she went through changed her persona. The nice, friendly woman became a killer and maybe even a vigilante if the author, Richard Verry continues Jolene’s story. Once I thought of those ramifications for Jolene, it made me feel sorry for her as well as feel a sense of loss. A loss in the sense that her resurrection may have created a new monster. Poor Jolene, we will never know really how this experience changes her world.

I am happy that she got revenge for the torture she endured and hope killing her attackers will give her some peace in her new world.

Janet Maggio

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