Club Lothario, what is that?

Club Lothario, what is that?

Ahhh … Club Lothario is one of my favorite inventions for Mona’s culture. With so many women, I decided that men needed somewhere they could go to hang out apart from women but could still interact with them as desired.

Think of Club Lothario as a mix between a men’s social membership club, civic center, strip club, high-end restaurant, and private meeting-house. It supplies solitude from the stresses of maintaining an estate. It offers relaxation, socialization and nourishment to its members. Various calming services are offered, including sexual intimacy to solitude from the everyday responsibilities. This is my concept of Club Lothario.

Club Lothario's lounge
One of the lounge rooms at Club Lothario

Club Lothario is, in fact, just another house estate. It has an owner, called the Director or Chairman by the houses or Master by the members of the house. It is run much like any other house. It maintains, nourishes and supplies all the basic necessities to its inhabitants.

The difference is how it contributes to the community. Where one house runs the conversion processing center and another runs the breeding center, and still another runs the training center, and another, a medical center, and so on; Club Lothario acts as hosts to the monthly community celebrations, it provides coördinated direction among all of the houses and a place of respite for the weary.

As a civic center, it provides a seat to allow estate masters to democratically resolves problems and issues involving the entire community. Each estate has one vote to cast when it comes to policies or procedure changes, dealing with environmental changes.

The Director of Club Lothario is an elected position. Typically, once voted in, they hold the position indefinitely. The Director can only be ousted by a no-confidence vote by 75% of the estate masters. The Director is the only individual who can enact the transfer of ownership of a house to another owner. The Club Lothario Director is a powerful position within the community.

Generally speaking, though, the club is more of a social gathering place than a civic center. When one goes out on the town, they come here. Let’s not forget the community celebrations they host, filled with revelry, games, competition, and public sex well into the night.

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This article represents excerpts from an interview I gave some months ago. The question explored dealt with the ‘Club Lothario’, a vehicle I invented to explain the management of Mona’s community. This is the first of two parts. Feel free to comment on the link at the bottom. I welcome your insights and opinions.

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