Club Lothario

Club Lothario

How did you come up with the name Club Lothario?

When I wrote the first book, ‘The Taste of Honey’, I did not have a name for the club. I simply referred to it as ‘The Club’. In the first book, it was simply a vehicle to support a couple of scenes I wanted to write outside of a house. For the second book, ‘Broken Steele’, I decided the club was going to take on a larger part in the stories. I needed a vehicle to foster conflict as well as resolution. I needed a place estate masters could go to argue issues, meet in private and coördinate effort for the community. I needed a champion for Mona, separate from Master Charles. The Club needed a name.

Club Lothario
Director’s Office at Club Lothario

I thought long and hard about naming it. I wanted the name to reflect its reason for existence. Why it was a factor in the stories and why it was important to the community. So I started researching names. Eventually, I stumbled upon the word ‘Lothario’. I had never heard of it before but I was intrigued. I looked deeper into the origins of the word.

Synonyms for the word include: Casanova, Charmer, Don Juan, Giglio, Heartbreaker, Ladies’ man, Lady-killer, Letcher, Libertine, Lover, Philanderer, Rake, Romeo, Seducer, Skirt Chaser, Smooth Operator, Stud, and Wolf.

When you read the books, you will realize just how appropriate the word is to the name of the club. Literally, at one time or another, each of these synonyms is appropriate to the function and activities of the club.

Once I found this word, I knew it fit and I wanted to use it. But, before I did, I went back to my research. Had the term been used before. Was there a real Club Lothario out there? I was happy to note, that as of the summer of 2015, I could not find a reference to one anywhere. Perfect. Done deal.

The club was now called ‘Club Lothario’. Come on by and have a drink!

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This article represents excerpts from an interview I gave some months ago. The question explored dealt with the ‘Club Lothario’, a vehicle I invented to explain the management of Mona’s community. This is the second of two parts. Feel free to comment on the link at the bottom. I welcome your insights and opinions.

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