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Did you know? My book ‘Her Client’ is available for free. That’s right, this free book is yours to own your personal copy.

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Yes, free. It’s my way of introducing you to me and my books. All I ask is that if you like it, write a review and post it to your favorite bookseller or right here, on my website.

In line with the weather this summer, it’s a hot story and not your usual crime drama. Not at all. Unlike other stories in this genre, it doesn’t gloss over the crime. This story describes the attack in all it’s awful detail, alternating from both the victim’s and perpetrator’s point of view.

You’ll cringe as you turn page after page, biting your knuckles as Jolene suffers, right in her own home. Find out how she deals with this home invasion, and what happens next.

Her Client

Click the book cover, download and read ‘Her Client’ for free today.

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Love to hate or hate to love

Polarizing Stories

I recently came across the term polarizing on one of the few television shows I watch. In the program, the main character mentioned that he was a polarizing figure. You either liked or disliked him. There was no middle ground, and he was pleased with that view of himself.

your way or my way differing opinions

The way the character talked about his polarizing personality rang true with me. While I don’t consider myself to be polarizing, I do know that my books and stories are. I know that they are not for everyone. They are generally not the feel-good stories that many prefer. Instead, they deal with uncomfortable situations and often times violence.

Writing my first two books, ‘The Taste of Honey’ and ‘Broken Steele,’ I didn’t consider my reader much. I wrote what felt like were good stories. While I kept my audience in mind, I loved the scenes and characters and needed to tell their stories. There isn’t that much graphic violence in them, graphic sex sure but not that much brutality.

Market Analysis

When I was sure that writing was a vocation, I began studying my potential audience. The primary issue was finding a niche market that had little competition. Sure, I can write feel-good stories, full of sexual situations and adult language. The trouble is that there are literally millions of books in that category with tens of thousands of authors writing in that field. I estimated my odds of breaking into the top ten of that list as nil to none. Not at least without an agent promoting me.

No, I needed to find a market where there weren’t too many competitors in my market. After a few months of research, I realized that there was a market for my kind of stories. I discovered that most of the author’s danced around the actual crime or violent action, using the story to imply what happened to the victims. Yet, at the same time, I discovered that the audience in this field wanted to read about and feel the pain, brutality, and anguish suffered by the victims. ‘Hmmm,’ I wondered. Should this be where I concentrate my energies?

Testing my Hypothesis

That’s about the time I thought of a home invasion story and decided to apply my theory to the marketplace. To test out my hypothesis, I wrote and published ‘Her Client’ and sat back to watch what happened. Much to my surprise, it was an instant hit. It was cheap to buy and an easy read, filled with more graphic violence and sex, rivaling many graphic novels. I decided I was onto something and wrote two more follow-up stories following the main character throughout her transformation from victim to vigilante.

Indifference kills

As much as I like this trilogy, I knew it was still a polarizing series of books. Jolene, the main character in the stories, goes through a horrendous graphic assault which nearly kills her. It’s only through the intervention of her passed on best friend Julie that she finds her way back to the living and takes her pound of flesh from her tormentors. Jolene suffers throughout and is a changed person as a result. As an avenging angel, she becomes the polar opposite of the person she was before her initial assault.

Now I had a trilogy which I could use as a launching board to free or low-cost options into my world. Continuing on, the writing bug strong within me, I wrote another book ‘The Breakup’ in the same tenor as ‘Her Client.’ Granted, it is more of a novella rather than a full novel and not all that successful, but it contained the same kind of graphic violence as my previous stories. The reader will get the sense of what Ginny feels as she discovers just that her boyfriend means by dancing.


Once again, due to the subject matter, you’re either going to like my story or not. There will be no middle ground. My stories are polarizing, just as are my new series of books from the ‘Consortium’ series. You’re either going to love them or hate them. What I don’t want from you is indifference. Indifference will kill the career.

As I grow as a writer, my stories and characters are more complicated. Sure, if you love my stories, you’ll love the sex and violence. You’ll also read touching emotions such as caring and love. I’m instilling a number of new conflicts in the characters. Some are subtle, and others may be more in your face. Conflict makes for a good story, because without it, why read the book?

Love to hate or hate to loveLove to hate or hate to love?

Be forewarned, my books are of the type that you love to hate or hate to love.

If you are interested in a feel-good romantic suspense thrillers, don’t read my stories.

But if you enjoy complex stories and characters you love, or love to hate, then, by all means, read my stories. They are available on Amazon and at your favorite eBook retailer.

Announcing: Perfect Prey arrives today

Perfect Prey

Perfect Prey arrives todayPerfect Prey arrives today on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reader. Yep, that’s right. It’s out. Perfect Prey is Book 2 in the next suspenseful, thrilling chapter in the Consortium Series.

Announcing Perfect Prey arrives today

Check out the blurb on the book page at Amazon.

“Are you being hunted? Are you their perfect prey? What will you do after the Consortium takes you and sells you at auction? What happens after you are sold and transported across the world like cargo? Can you imagine your new life as owned property, with no hope of ever returning to your old life? To suffer and die at the whim of your owner. After you read this novel, you will never, ever stop looking over your shoulder.”

Scary, huh?

I’ll tell you, I think so too, and I wrote the story. What bothers me is that after I wrote The Trafficking Consortium, I started looking over my shoulders. I wonder, am I being followed? Unknown, but what I realized after the release of the first book in the Consortium Series, is that my story, while fiction, may emulate a real entity. I do not worry about being taken for someone’s pleasure. Instead, I fear that they might target me for getting too close to the truth and eliminate the threat of exposure. I wondered whether there really was an exclusive organization out there that routinely culls (kidnaps and kill) their prey.



Do you remember the Hostel movies starting in 2005? In the first installment, three backpackers hike around Eastern Europe bent on exploring hedonistic experiences. They become the prey an organization who torture and murder people for profit. They end up dead in scenarios not too dissimilar to my stories. The horrendous activities continue in the sequel with more gory killings. One victim turns the tables on her buyer who ends up being her victim. I think you will agree, the movies are believable and emulate a segment of real life?

Moreover, as you probably figured out by now, these movies are favorites of mine. Interestingly enough, they did not factor into my idea of writing my version. That was sitting in a doctor’s office and pondering a question. A question that began “What could happen if …” From there, my mind went wild and out came the first story. It wasn’t until months later that I realized the similarities.

Perfect Prey

The new suspense thriller Perfect Prey picks up several months after the end of the first book. Avril has trained under her owner, learning about the human body, what makes it tick, and more importantly, what it takes to silence forever the souls that once occupied the desecrated corpses.

The sequel expands upon the horrid desires of the Consortium membership by identifying and culling several people in their quest to satisfy their wants and needs. In spite of their cruel behaviors, they have some scruples with severe consequences to the violation of the rules. Who would imagine an organization hellbent on the torment and snuffing of innocents would fatally punish their own for operating outside the boundaries?

In light of her earlier experiences, Avril navigates her treacherous trail through the maze of blood and gore. In trying to avoid the fate of so many others, she hopes that she will one day escape the clutches of the Consortium. The problem as she sees it, is that the Consortium is large and experienced with covering their tracks. Likewise, she knows that simple escape would be meaningless. On the run, she would never be able to trust a loved one, a stranger, or even a member of law enforcement. Anyone of them might be a Consortium associate. No matter what, she learned to accept the truth revealed on her first day as captured prey. Her old life was forever over. She would never return to it. She would never again feel safe.

The plan

Yet, she’s determined to regain her freedom. She desires her freedom to live her life as she wants, without fear of being recaptured. The problem is, how. How can she orchestrate events that will lead to her freedom? What price must she pay? Somewhere along the way, she comes up with a plan, a plan that has some semblance of success. Once and for all, it would also save thousands a year from suffering her fate.

Can she pull it off? As Niccolo Machiavelli asked ‘Will the ends justify the means?’ More importantly, will God forgive her for what she must do to save herself and others?

Perfect Prey arrives today on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reader. Next month, the print version will be available for those of you who prefer an actual book in your hands.

After you read Perfect Prey, the next suspenseful, thrilling chapter in the Consortium Series, I suspect that like myself, you will forever look over your shoulders to see if someone is following you, hunting you, and preparing to steal you from your loved ones.

Perfect Prey cover reveal

Perfect Prey Book Cover

Perfect Prey Book Cover

Perfect Prey Cover Reveal

Book 2 in the Consortium series

Hello, all you readers out there, I am proud to show you the Perfect Prey Cover Reveal, book #2 in the Consortium series.

Nice huh? Okay, I am excited. Namely, this latest book is in the final stages of pre-publication. It’s been a lot of work, but hey, I don’t care. I enjoyed writing it. I can’t wait to get it out so you, my readers, can enjoy it also.

Perfect Prey cover reveal

Check out the synopsis and download the first chapter at my website page.


My beta readers and editor think it’s an incredible story. Avril’s journey, the main character, picks up about nine months after the end of the first book, The Trafficking Consortium. She’s learned a lot about the organization that stole her off the streets of her home-town, transported her halfway across the globe, and sold her into bondage to a ranking member of the Consortium.

Escape seems impossible to Avril, but she will not give up hope. Knowing that even if she could get away, her recapture was guaranteed. To be sure, escaping will destroy her owner’s trust, and upon her recapture, he will punish her mercilessly before killing her.

In Perfect Prey, she’s desperate to find a way to escape and live out a regular life. Thus, she devises a plan to regain her freedom, and at the same time stop them from tracking her down. However, to put the idea into action, she must become like her owner, performing abhorrent and despicable acts upon other captured prey like her.

Will God ever forgive her? Will God recognize her desire to destroy evil for the greater good?

As you read the next phase of Avril’s captivity, you will forever wonder, is this possible? Is the existence of the Consortium too far-fetched to believe? Could what happened to Avril, and all of the other people the Consortium preys upon, happen to you?

I will tell you this. Ever since I started writing these novels, I’ve been looking over my shoulder, nervous that I am getting too close to the truth.

Perfect Prey first draft done!

Hunting Grounds for the Perfect Prey

Perfect Prey first draft

Perfect Prey first draftThe Perfect Prey first draft is done! Whoo Hoo! I’ve also completed reading it for continuity and fundamental grammar mistakes etc. Now I’m on to preliminary editing before I turn it over to my editor for in-depth review and corrections.

It’s been a long and weary battle, trying to get this book from concept to reality. The first book in the series was released last summer. I hadn’t intended to write a sequel, but honestly, I was overwhelmed by the feedback I received from my readers and followers, asking for more.

Really? I kept asking myself. You honestly want to know what happens to Avril, a prisoner, taken and abused by the whims of a sadistic tyrant? A monster who bought her and considers her his owned property? A man who may have fallen in love with the girl? A girl who suspects the truth and will do anything to stay alive, feed his passions to find a way to escape and maybe, at the same time, save thousands of others in the process?

With the Perfect Prey first draft completed, I’m well on the way to deliver it to you, my readers. I wonder how you will receive this next segment in Avril’s perilous dance with her owner and master. Before you ask whether there will be a third book in the series, of course. Her story is too intriguing to let it drop. But to get to a third one, you have to read Perfect Prey. It’ll be out this summer.


Okay, it’s an intriguing concept. After months thinking about it, I came up with an idea. However, a single sequel wouldn’t do it justice. It would have to be at least a trilogy. Three full-length novels and possibly more to develop the storyline I have in mind.

Perfect Prey picks up about six months after the end of The Trafficking Consortium. If you have read that book, you know that the main character, Avril, had to make an impossible choice between life and death. Her faith in God made her decision for her. Choosing death, and in effect, she would be committing suicide, a mortal sin, forever condemning her immortal soul to suffer for eternity in hell.

By choosing life, she would condemn her physical body to a full lifetime of agonizing torment at the hands of her owner, while safeguarding her soul.

She negotiates a contract with her owner, walking a razor edge line with God, hoping for forgiveness, in an attempt to bring down the very organization that captured her and thousands every year, suffering the very torments she was an unwilling party too. Win or lose, will God forgive her for her attempt?

Looking over my shoulder

I have to admit after I wrote The Trafficking Consortium I started looking over my shoulder. Did I write and publish a novel that was too close to the truth? I don’t know. That novel simply came into being with a simple question waiting in a doctors office one day. I’ve written about it in previous blogs, so I won’t belabor the point. The question was.

Hunting Grounds“What could happen if the person behind the counter you’re freely giving all your personal information to is sharing it with some unknown person or agency who is not authorized to receive it.”

“What could possibly happen?”

That query developed into a world of intrigue filled with astonishing anguish, torment, and brutality that even I, the author, cringe at envisioning. How could I think up this shit? I have no idea. It merely comes to me and I write it down.

After publishing Trafficking Consortium, I began looking over my shoulder, wondering if someone was now watching me, wondering if I knew too much for my own good. I hope not. My stories are pure fiction. Hey out there, it’s all fiction. Do you hear me? Fiction. It’s all made up. Don’t blame me if I’m too close to the truth.

Where are they?

I wonder. In developed, first world countries, hundreds of thousands of adults reported to go missing and never found each year? So where do these people who go missing each year go? Granted, many go missing voluntarily and don’t want to be found. The rest disappear from the face of the earth and never seen again, or at least their bodies never recovered.

Stay tuned to see whether my stories have merit. I intend to keep writing. The writing bug is strong within me, and it just won’t stay silent. So, if I step on anyone’s toes, know this. It’s all FICTION, made up out of my feeble mind, on the fly, derived from stupid questions that begin with “What if?”

Thanks and keep tuned. With Perfect Prey first draft done, and it’s publication imminent, I can’t wait to get started on my next story. I have so many ideas for future novels, that I wonder whether I’ll ever get to them all. I hope so. Then again, with my luck, as I complete them, I’ll garner ideas for another ten books, so it may just be a losing battle.

This is your favorite author, Richard Verry, saying, have a great day and a better tomorrow.

Keep on reading.