A quick note for April

Things have settled down even more over the past couple of weeks. I’m spending less and less time with paperwork, doctor follow-ups, and Medicaid shit for my domestic partner. I’m feeling less stressed as a result. Nice! I’m now trying to catch up on sleep to reawaken my creative mind. I’m also doing something else to achieve that goal.

I’m working on a short prequel novel in the Consortium series. I aim to write a short novel introducing the series’ main characters. I plan to offer it for cheap or free as a lead-in to the rest of my books. So far, it’s coming out well. I’ve written 14 out of approximately 20 chapters. I hope you will embrace it as much as it deserves, considering I’ve been off the writing cart for the past year.

I can spend considerable resources on book 7 once I’m done with it. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I still have to work around my duties as a home caregiver. I know myself well enough that I will figure that out. All I need is my creativity to return to true form. After that, anything could happen.

Some questions in my mind include: Will Sir get his just desserts? Will Avril succumb to Raven’s added pressure? Will Avril get pregnant? Will Sir fall in love with Avril? Will Avril love him in return? Will Raven try to split them up? Will she roast Avril on the spit in her home to prevent her from influencing Sir further? Will Avril end up becoming the Chairwoman of the Consortium? Raven certainly doesn’t want it: questions, so many questions.

What do you think? Send me your ideas and help stimulate my creativity and continue the story of Avril and Sir. Who knows? I may incorporate them into the storyline and credit you for the idea. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “A quick note for April

  1. Chris Reply

    Hello Richard,

    I like the ideas from the prior comment, far different from my own but they are good! Apologies for the length of my thoughts … but 6 books worth of story to think about …

    First, to explain why I think a certain way when reading this style of books: I do like ‘generally’ a happy-ish ending. I like to see the ‘villian(s)’ get more than simply arrested, I like to see them at the least getting what they dished out and hopefully far more, up to and including similar deaths to what they did to their victims. I like to see the ‘heroes’ succeed in ‘getting out on top’ if not always completely happily. So, with that said … where I’m hoping it will go, with only you telling me how it gets there – with of course some unexpected twists along the way:

    To answer your questions from your post: Will Sir get his just desserts? Hopefully, yes. He will realize he loves Avril, then she will somehow get control of him, (perhaps someone in the Consortium approaches Avril to aid in ‘removing’ the Chairman in response to his failure to prevent the attacks on his home and their facility. She will torture him mercilessly until she extracts enough of ‘her’ screams (perhaps as more proof to the rest of the Consortium of her viability for a ‘promotion’ of sorts within the hierarchy of the Consortium, that would put her in a better position to destroy them, at least in part?) and then I’d like to see him roasted on Raven’s spit and fed to her dogs, while Raven who has also been captured somehow by Avril, is forced to watch. I’d love to see Avril take a power drill and literally screw high heels into the bottom of Sir’s feet. Somehow, Heather (but not the Senator) will be around to help Avril capture and torture Sir and Raven (by now she has somehow found proof of what happened to her sister); or at least watch him die over the coals … perhaps Shelby will help too in some way.

    Raven will not be allowed to eat her brother though! Raven will suffer the same fate after extended torture. I see this as one of the final chapters, Avril watching Raven cook on her own spit before walking out of Raven’s home and back to some semblance of the ‘real world,’ leaving Raven to die alone, screaming as she cooks on her own spit in her own fireplace.

    What Avril does after this could involve Heather, Shelby, Katie, Kari, and Olivia among others … perhaps their new story could become your next book or series as they fight against ??? As Avril tries desperately to atone for her sins despite their necessity in her survival.

    Do we find out that someone within the Consortium was actually a double agent? Perhaps the Assistant that Sir relied upon so much (sorry, I don’t remember his name if you gave him one).

    Avril will not succumb to Raven’s pressure to split from Sir at first, but she may appear to, to fool both Sir and Raven as she makes her move for freedom and control of things. Pregnant? No. Sir will realize he loves Avril right before falling under her control and revenge. Raven trying to splitup Sir & Avril, I’ll leave that to you. She will not roast Avril.

    I see Avril, despite realizing she loves the orgasms Sir can induce, also remembering how her survival forced her to commit what her faith would call “mortal sins.” She struggles at first with the question of whether or not she loves Sir, but eventually decides she does not. Her sins, even though they kept her alive is what will keep her from loving Sir, and drive her to do as much as possible to take down the Consortium, as you brought up in earlier books.

    1. Richard Verry Reply

      Thanx for your input. I like many of your ideas.

  2. LilBit0117 Reply

    I like the idea of the SUSPENSE…I think it should be a TWIST of things. I think that Sir will fall in love with Avril…however he will NOT want his sister to know this. So, yes, she plans on putting Avril on the spit…HOWEVER, last minute…it is found out that Avril IS pregnant. The tables turn….Raven still wants the spit to happen….and it does, only SHE becomes the “main course”.
    In the end….Avril gets her just desserts. Sir also dies. Avril becomes the leader of the consortium and has a baby….
    TO BE CONTINUED (new series????)
    Does she bring down the consortium or has she become so accustomed to the lifestyle that she continues on with Sir’s desires and raises her child to be the next “Sir”??
    Or is she finally home free to start her life over.

    1. Richard Verry Reply

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to my notes.

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