Did you see the North America solar eclipse?

Solar Eclipse

Here, where I live, I should have seen the solar eclipses’ totality. Did I? Fuck no. The day before and after the solar eclipse, the skies were clear of all cloud cover. It would have been beautiful. The day of? Heavy, thick clouds covered the entire region. Mother Nature was certainly screwing with us. All it did for us was get dark for a few minutes, light returning minutes later. It wasn’t worth us getting the solar eclipse glasses. It’ll be 24 years before it crosses North America and over a hundred years before it crosses above my home. I plan on being there for that event. 😊

total solar eclipse diamond ring
Photo by Beth Fitzpatrick on Pexels.com


Since things are starting to settle down in my home (not really), I’m attempting to write a book. This one will be a prequel to the Consortium series. I’m doing this to reinvigorate my creativity. I’ve also enlisted the help of one of my readers intimately familiar with my books to write a synopsis of the plot line. It will be a short book intended to be a loss leader to attract more readers into my realm. I plan on getting it out this summer.

As I have been told recently, no one writes my kind of stories. He is a world traveler, very well educated, and reads a lot. I value his opinion immensely.

Other News

My home care duties are still a significant drain on me and my resources. When I think I’m getting ahead, a new wrinkle pops up. Ah, life and dealing with the intricacies and red tape of the government. I need to become a billionaire and hire others to deal with these issues or pay someone outright to get it done. I would appreciate it if you could help me with that endeavor.

Thanks for staying patient with me. I appreciate it.

Say hi and tell me what you think. I want to know.

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