Writing up a storm

Writing up a storm For the last three weeks, I’ve been writing up a storm. One thing you don’t know is that I am back from a vacation in the sun, mild warm temperatures, and dips in the pool. It sure is nice to get away from the brutal snow and frigid temperatures. I wrote… Continue reading Writing up a storm

Writing during a Holiday Season

A Quick Update Good day to you all, I’ve missed you. Writing during a holiday season is a challenge for sure. However, I can tell you that all of you, my readers, fans, friends and family alike, I think of you frequently day after day. We came out of a four-day holiday in November, and… Continue reading Writing during a Holiday Season

Can you trust negative reviews?

Why you can’t really trust negative reviews Hello to all my friends and readers. I’m very interested in reviews, including negative reviews. In preparing for the imminent release of my newest book Perfect Prey, the sequel to The Trafficking Consortium, I’ve kept my eyes and ears open to anything that might apply to you, my… Continue reading Can you trust negative reviews?

I’m Getting Lax

But really, am I getting Lax? Alright, I admit it, I’m getting lax in writing to you. It’s just that I’m excited to get back into rejoining the human race, and going out with friends and family. While I am still recovering from my injury sixteen months ago, I’m down to the short rows in… Continue reading I’m Getting Lax

Labor Day weekend in the United States

Source: portrait-photos.org

Good afternoon all. It’s the Sunday before Labor Day here in the United States. For those who don’t know, Labor Day is a holiday celebrating the workers in America. It is always on the first Monday in September. It is also the unofficial end of the summer season. Just yesterday, I noticed fall and Halloween… Continue reading Labor Day weekend in the United States