I’m sorry to say

I’m sorry to say that I have made little progress in writing my next installment of the Consortium Series, or any book. The situation at home hasn’t gotten better. My lady and partner continue’s to need full-time care to do the simplest of things. She is angry and frustrated that she is losing control of her body. Intellectually, I knew that, but emotionally, it’s not so easy to accept. I work on that every day. My goals at this moment is to keep her safe and improve the quality of life as much as possible. Everything else is secondary. Writing is way down at the bottom of the list. Besides, I don’t have the creativity I need to write books. All I can do is think about my story and come up with ideas to incorporate into it.

I’ve even thought of transcribing my story through audio recordings. However, I always get hung up with details that I can’t let go. I could resolve these details during the initial review before going into editing, but my need for perfection holds me back. It’s not something I have time or brain cells to deal with right now.

I’m sorry to say that I have to keep you all waiting. I know it’s frustrating for everyone, including me, as my sales are slipping downward. All I can tell you all, is that I’m trying.

It’s 3 days before Halloween 👻🦇🎃 as I write this note. Assuming you engage in this holiday, I hope you enjoy yourselves.

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One thought on “I’m sorry to say

  1. Debbie

    So nice that you sent this update. Thank you. I, personally, think your head is in the right place. When there is a loved one that means so much to us, you want to do everything in your power to help them and keep them safe and comfortable.
    When the time is right, you will know, and you will write.
    Thoughts go out to you and your loved one, hoping that all is well soon.

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