Happy Halloween 2023

Witch flying on a broomstick with a full moon.

Happy Halloween 2023. For those worldwide who celebrate this holiday, from me to you, please enjoy it. It is my favorite, and I enjoy it, free from any doctrinal or contemptuous connotations.

Mermaid Witch underwater on a broomstick. Happy Halloween 2023.

I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but I do. It stems from my childhood when I heard and read stories of the Headless Horsemen, popular in New England. Here, I can combine it with my other favorite mystical beings, mermaids. And, what is my favorite Halloween movie? 1959’s ‘The House on Haunted Hill’ starring Vincent Price. Yep? As an adult, I realized while it is a horror film, it’s also a murder mystery, where the owner of the house sets out to murder his wife by dropping her in a bath of acid.

It’s a fun holiday where one can let go and enjoy themselves in settings free from the norm and day-to-day lives. Enjoy it with your kids and even without. There is no age limit to having fun on this holiday.

And… if you’re not into Halloween, perhaps you’d like to read a book. May I suggest one of mine on Amazon? or for more information, check out my stories’ webpage.

Happy Halloween 2023

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2023

  1. Flsunbum

    Glad you’re well. Chin up.

  2. JJJ

    Happy Halloween from Venezia! My hotel had a Halloween party…was fun with mostly local Venetians (?). Italian women know style! Bella! I hope your personal situation improves but all i can do is hope for the best…whatever that turns out to be for you and yours.

    1. Richard Verry

      Thanx. I had fun at a local party, I consider the best one ever in my entire life.

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