Hello my Fans

Hello my fans, Please accept my apologies for not writing for almost two weeks. These past days have been quite hectic as a result of my PCS (post concussion syndrome) and the release of my latest novel, ‘The Trafficking Consortium.’   Let me tell you; there is good news on both fronts. First, let me… Continue reading Hello my Fans

There’s such a thing as too much

There’s such a thing as too much. That’s right, too much of a good thing is often too much. If you love ice cream, eating a cone every so often is a savory treat that coats your tongue with exploding flavors as its cooling succulence slips down your throat. Even eating it once a day,… Continue reading There’s such a thing as too much

What Makes One Happy, part 2

What Makes One Happy, part 2 Last time I wrote about my short-term vs. long-term happiness. Another short-term happiness is coffee. I love coffee. Sixteen years ago when I rejoined the dating scene, I had my first cup of vanilla latte. While I liked coffee then, I fell in love with vanilla lattes. Today, exiting… Continue reading What Makes One Happy, part 2

Interview Snippets on Mona’s Stories-3

Interview Snippets on Mona’s Stories (Part Three) What follows is the continuation of an interview I conducted with one of my readers. I captured their notes and turned it into this update to my blog. This is Interview Mona’s Stories part 3. Q: Do you really believe that once we survive an extinction event, our very nature… Continue reading Interview Snippets on Mona’s Stories-3

What’s on Tap

What’s on Tap Yesterday, Saturday, did in fact turn out fantastic. Except for my ongoing, continuous headache, I couldn’t be more pleased. I am trusting that today will be more of the same, regardless of the weather, sun and heat. Whatever it turns out to be, I’m ready for a glorious day. Perhaps I’ll go see… Continue reading What’s on Tap