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The Taste of Honey

Book 1 in the Mona Bendarova Series
Honey is missing, and Mona is on the hunt.
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“The Taste of Honey” tells the story of a world gone wrong. In an era of corporate greed and well-meaning scientists, genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, mutate uncontrollably and wreak havoc with the Earth’s genome. Entire populations of the planet’s human and animal life die off and ultimately become extinct.

During the last days of what later became known as the ‘Purge Plague,’ scientists successfully changed the human genome, barely saving humanity in a nick of time from extinction. However, their success came at an incomprehensible cost. A millennium later, the recovered human society survives by consuming the only known source of protein available… themselves.


Imagine what it would be like to live in a world unlike the one we take for granted. Discover how humanity survives. Envision genuinely enjoying an office meeting. Appreciate & enjoy community sanctioned public recreational sex. Find out why their culture endorses their means of survival embraced for centuries. Undoubtedly, you will know where your next meal comes.

Disappearance—Kidnapping—Crime & Punishment
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“The Taste of Honey” follows Honey Lee-Marks, a senior member of the Marks estate and favored bed mate to her master, Lee Marks. When she fails to appear in answer to her conversion summons, everyone suspiciously assumes she is a runaway, shirking her duties to her family and community.

Her failure to appear throws the entire household into disarray, and Lee gets punished by randomly selecting several other household members in Honey’s place.

Eager to find the runaway and return her to face her summons, Investigator Mona Bendarova follows the leads, only to realize that something is not right. Using her instincts and intuition, Mona discovers there is more to this disappearance than first believed. Following her leads, the investigation takes a surprising turn.

Mona comes into conflict with her upbringing and training as seeds of doubt and rebellion germinate. in contrast to the facts that she uncovers. As her investigation concludes, a decision that her best friend embraces and forever shakes her foundation of everything Mona has ever believed. Those planted seeds now germinate as she deals with her internal struggle and what to do next.

By the time you finish “The Taste of Honey,” you’ll ask yourself, could this really happen?

Appropriate for readers 18+.

The Taste of Honey

The Taste of Honey, Mona Bendarova Book 1

A missing woman. The woman charged to find her. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world unlike the one we take for granted. 

If you like dystopian stories, suspense mysteries, and complex characters, you’ll love this page turning provocative thriller. Tap the link to read the book today!

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