The Breakup

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The Breakup

Girl, what were you thinking?

The BreakupDo you really know him? Is he too good to be true? Ginny thinks she knows him, but does she? Does anyone know who they really are? Can you trust them with your life?

Would this be the night?

She hadn’t planned on wearing the dress for long.

She went commando. Doug would love it.
When romance turns deadly.

Seriously girl, what were you thinking?

The Breakup

The Breakup

The Breakup Book CoverA beautiful woman. A romantic interest. She’s hoping for a ring, but will he propose, or will he offer something else?

If you enjoy disturbing scenarios, sinister scoundrels, and desperate heroines, you’ll love this tie-you-in-knots thriller. Tap the link to read the book today!



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Appropriate for readers 18+