What Makes One Happy?

What Makes One Happy? I don’t know about you, but I can tell you about me. First off, I group my happiness into two categories, short-term and long-term. My latest bit of short-term happiness comes from my car. It is a 2017 Camaro 2LT/RS with a few other goodies to go with it. She wears a… Continue reading What Makes One Happy?

Word of the Day: genteel

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Word of the Day: genteel Genteel (adjective) jen-TEEL Definition 1 a : of or relating to the gentry or upper class b : elegant or graceful in manner, appearance, or shape c : free from vulgarity or rudeness : polite 2 : marked by false delicacy, prudery, or affectation Examples “The Hamptons, once so genteel,… Continue reading Word of the Day: genteel

Word of the Day: variegated

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Word of the Day: variegated variegated (adjective) VAIR-ee-uh-gay-tud Definition 1 : having discrete markings of different colors 2 : various, diverse, varied Examples The flower has bright variegated petals. “Everyone of significance in the region has multiple agendas and variegated geopolitical interests.” — Robert Robb, The Arizona Republic, 21 Aug. 2016 Did You Know? Variegated has… Continue reading Word of the Day: variegated

What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner? Without a doubt, after you read ‘The Taste of Honey’, you will know where your next meal comes from. Discover how the human race survives. Envision genuinely enjoying an office meeting. Appreciate & enjoy community sanctioned recreational sex. Find out what others are saying about this book. Read the reviews on Amazon and… Continue reading What’s for Dinner?

Interview Snippets on Mona’s Stories-4

Interview Snippets on Mona’s Stories (Part Four) What follows is the continuation of an interview I conducted with one of my readers. I captured their notes and turned it into this update to my blog. This is Interview Mona’s Stories part 4. Q: Speaking of the Doctor. Does he have a name? A: Of course he… Continue reading Interview Snippets on Mona’s Stories-4