A Ring of Truth

After I wrote my story, The Trafficking Consortium, I started looking over my shoulder, wondering I had stumbled upon a ring of truth. Was I being watched and followed. I can’t tell you how many times I debated with myself whether to finish the story and then again, to publish it. I may not fit their profile of acceptable prey, but I believe that if I get too close to the truth, they may want to remove me as a threat.

Ring of TruthThink about it. If something like the Consortium existed, wouldn’t you think my fictional stories might interest them? If I were them, I would.

Like rings of an onion, layer upon layer, my stories could penetrate to the core, bringing unwanted attention to their activities. Do they exist at the center? Could the rings of an onion describe the ring of truth in an organization like the Consortium?

Crazy scared

You may think I am crazy, but I cannot control my feelings. They just happen, and I would be a fool to ignore them. I’ll be honest with you. I am scared, and you should be too.

It’s true, I fear that my story may have more than a ring of truth to it. I wrote the story with the idea that the Consortium only culls a few hundred people a year, out of the billions who live on the planet. Could I be understating the number? My research reveals that hundreds of thousands of adults go missing each year. I wrote an article on my findings after the release of my first Consortium book.

I hope I am wrong.

Ring of Truth

Ring of TruthI’m not saying that a thousand-year old organization like the Consortium is out there, snatching people. I just raise the possibility that there may be such a global outfit hiding in plain sight, ever watchful, ever on the hunt for new prey like you and me.

Anything is possible.

Read more about my thoughts on The Trafficking Consortium here.

Is there a ring of truth to my stories? What do you think?

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