Avril’s Story

Avril Gillios behind bars

Avril’s story

In writing Avril’s story, I wrote an article on my research into missing adults. You might find it interesting. Here’s the link to the article.Avril's story, Missing Person, Adult Female


I struggle with the idea so many people go missing each year. Honestly, I still look over my shoulder. Am I getting too close to the truth? Is someone watching me?


After reading ‘Perfect Prey,’ I left you with unanswered questions in Avril’s story. You know, of course, I do this on purpose. I dangle hooks to entice readers to continue reading my stories. I intentionally leave some things unresolved. However, I will respond to some questions readers like you have asked.

What happened to Robert and Lara? I have something in mind for Robert at the training center in future books, and Sir bought Lara as one of his acquisitions to his stable. You know what he does with them.

Avril's story
Copyright (c) Richard Verry 2018

Will God judge Avril harshly, condemning her to suffer torment for eternity? Some would say that Avril is not guilty of a sin and Sir is the one guilty of her murder. I had a parochial school upbringing, which may explain to how I feel about the subject. But it’s Avril’s faith and her perception that counts, not mine. Avril firmly believes in choosing the other decision is the same as committing suicide. Her faith is too strong to think otherwise. Isn’t it true that according to teachings, suicide is the only unforgivable sin?

What’s going on with Heather and her father the Senator? As you know, they are both anguished over the disappearance of Rachel. To them, she literally fell off the face of the Earth. Don’t worry, these characters are integral to the story and will be back, creating havoc for the Consortium. Whether they live or die as the Consortium closes ranks to protect itself is the question.

What’s next in Avril’s story?

What will happen to Avril? Will she take down the Consortium? Will she survive the attempt? Does she get to become a member of the organization she detests? Does she become like Sir? Will she die of old age, or at the hand of Sir or another member of the Consortium.

So many questions. You know I can’t answer them. Avril’s story is still being written. Write and I’ll do my best to answer them without revealing spoilers.

Avril's Story in The Trafficking Consortium
Copyright (c) Richard Verry 2017

Avril’s story continues in Consortium Book 3, with new stresses obstacles, and characters who die and others instrumental to Avril’s goal.

Along the way, she struggles with her faith, her desire to escape, and her need to take down the Consortium. How is the question? The main characters I’ve introduced all play a part in that struggle. Just as in ‘Game of Thrones,’ not all the main characters survive, most die. Avril teeters on edge, straddling a fine line between life and death.

Book 3 in the Consortium series is due out this summer. The intrigue is growing. Look for it.

Send me your comments. I look forward to reading them, responding to them as I am able.

By Richard Verry

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public." - Paulo Coelho; Writer & Artist who loves Erotica, the nude female form, most kinds of Sci-Fi, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller dramas and coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Let's not forget the occasional drink as well. Life is so much fun with a creative dirty mind ... let's play!

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