Word of the Day: temerarious

Japanese Hot Pot
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Word of the Day: temerarious

Temerarious (adjective) tem-uh-RAIR-ee-us


marked by temerity : rashly or presumptuously daring


adventurous; bold; brash; daring; foolhardy; heedless; rash; venturesome


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“Nissan execs are proud of their new ‘flagship crossover,’ as they call the 2015 Murano, throwing around further clichés like ‘concept car for the street’ and talking about how much the interior resembles a ‘lounge on wheels.’ Which is by an appropriate measure less temerarious than the concept’s press release, which proclaimed that designers had drawn inspiration from ‘the futuristic allure of hypersonic travel.'” — Jeff Sabatini, CarandDriver.com, December 2014

“More important still—and here he is perceived as either temerarious or feckless—[Pope] Francis has departed radically from his predecessors in that he actively encourages his bishops … to speak boldly when addressing him and in assembly….” — Michael W. Higgins, The Globe and Mail, 13 Mar. 2015

Temerarious mutt
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Did You Know?

If you have guessed that temerarious may be related to the somewhat more common word temerity, you are correct. Temerarious was borrowed into English in the early 16th century from Latin temerarius, which in turn derives from Latin temere, meaning “blindly” or “recklessly.” Temerity, which arrived in English over a century earlier, also derives from temere; another descendant is the rare word intemerate,meaning “pure” or “undefiled.” Temere itself is akin to Old High German demar, Latin tenebrae, and Sanskrit tamas, all of which have associations with darkness.

My Take

Temerarious is an interesting word, and in my estimation, will fall by the wayside in the decades to come. A shame but if no one uses it, bye-bye!

Donatella Versace Wore Jennifer Lopez
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How can it be used? Of course, the examples given by Merriam-Webster work okay but really, does anyone really talk like that? I rather doubt it.

The related images I found pretty well describe the word. From the bold colors and taste of a Japanese Hot Pot to the tiny little dog, recklessly holding off the much bigger dog with its bark. We’ve all seen this, at least I have. A large dog, who could eat the small one in one bite, is kept at bay by the brazen attitude of the smaller one. Interesting, I’d say.

JLo wearing Donatella Versace’s presumptuously daring green dress with the oh so deep plunging neckline that reached right to her groin at the 2000 Grammys is a perfect example of a temerarious dress. It implied more than it showed but who cares. JLo was the talk of the globe for months.

I didn’t know this, but apparently she wasn’t the first to wear that dress. Geri Halliwell, a former Spice Girl, wore it at the NJR Music Awards in France one month earlier. However, JLo made it look GOOD!

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