Chicago Cub celebrate their Game 7 win
Chicago Cubs

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Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs

After a 108 year drought, the Chicago Cubs won Game 7 in the World Series last night. Both teams fought a hard battle, not just last night, but in every game. The final result came right down to the wire, and included comebacks, rain delays, lead changes, brilliant managing as well as questionable decisions. It was anybody’s guess which team would walk away with the title. I, for one, was riveted to my television set, not wanting to miss a second of the series. And, I for one, am glad it’s over so that I can get some sleep.

Chicago Cub celebrate their Game 7 win


Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians, who never gave up and never surrendered. You made the series interesting and it could have just as easily been you celebrating the win in Game 7. You earned every right to be there in the series. Congratulations to both cities. Your teams came through and raised the awareness that each team is a powerhouse in their own right for the future.

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