Angry Bitch

Yeah, that’s right. I published my eleventh novel, ‘Angry Bitch‘ over the weekend. Woo- hoo! It’s available now on Amazon for your Kindle, Kindle Reader, and in paperback. Oh, did I mention that you can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited? You can and you should. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think.

I’m relieved that’s done, however, whenever is the work ever done?

Now I can get back to Avril’s story. I left her hanging around with a noose tightening around her neck as she tries to figure out how to escape the clutches of the Consortium, or die trying.

Besides Avril and Mona, I have a couple more projects in the works, and ideas and notes for dozens more. There’s so much to do. I wish I could do them all, but I know I can’t. There’s not enough time in a day to get it done before another idea pops into my head. That doesn’t stop me from trying.

Angry Bitch

Angry Bitch 3D book coverIn the fourth installment of Mona’s story, called Angry Bitch, Mona comes into her own, as a Mistress of a House, and a peer within the Community dominated by males.

Not everyone is happy about Mona as a Mistress of a House and a peer of a Community dominated by men. Mona must fight to keep her house. Read how she fights back while their attacks only make her angry.

Desire — Betrayal — Anger

As Mistress of House Alveolus, Mona is finally in charge of her life. Bred as a submissive to serve others, she’s now the top authority of her house where the buck stops with her. She is the bitch in charge.

Being a Dominant is a role she must learn and understand. It’s slow going, but she’s making progress.

The caring, feeding, and housing her stable of hundreds of dependents is her priority. Feeling good about herself, she has gotten the hang of it. She no longer feels bewildered and alone. She’s the bitch in charge.

Others in her Community believe otherwise. Mona, like all bitches, was bred to serve and feed the Community. They don’t master a house, ever. It’s an insult to their society.

Their determination to oust her by any means, including violence, is an acceptable means to an end.

Whatever they do, however they attack her, they only make her angry.

Can she save herself and protect her stable?
Can she do her part to reverse humanity’s race towards extinction?

My current projects

Last, I am writing the early draft in the next book in the Consortium series. Frankly, Avril is tired of hanging around, waiting for someone to cut her some slack. The noose is tightening around her neck, and she wants to get cut down. I’ve written several chapters in her story. Still, there’s more to write. Plus, it’s only a first draft. My fellow writers out there know how much work it involved after the completion of the first draft. I expect to complete the first two in short order, and book 4 in the Consortium series by late fall 2020. 

Mona Bendarova Series

When I began finishing up ‘Lucky Bitch’ and ‘Angry Bitch’, I realized ‘The Taste of Honey’ needed reworking. I finished that, and I released the second edition a couple of months ago. Adding in ‘Broken Steele’ book 2 in the series, there are now four volumes in Mona’s story, and more to come. Find out more on the webpages on this site under the Stories menu.

The storyline is an interesting speculation of what life might be like in a dystopian future. Read it and find out what might happen if today’s greed for profits might affect the world we live in today.

I look forward to hearing from you in the coming year. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.