It’s been a weekend, for sure.

Janet, my maggical, with love
Janet, my maggical, with love 11″ x 14″ charcoal on 80# matte paper

This being Valentine’s weekend, I made plans to spend it with my wonderful, delicious lady. She’s fantastic and to me, very beautiful. With Sunday being Valentines Day, I spent the entire day with her. Even though we live together and share time, meals, drinks and shopping together, Sunday we spent it hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.

Saturday, we also spent lots of time together, though not the full day. There is work to be done, shopping (done together) booze to buy (also done together) and other stuff (done together and separately).

Monday, I had the day off and she had to work. Bummer. We missed each other constantly and texted back and forth. We can’t wait for the day when we retire and share time together 24×7.

Now, to be honest, when we retire, I don’t know how I’ll deal with being with her 24×7. I’m sure she will struggle too but I trust we will figure it out. Each of us had years of alone time to do whatever we wanted, without kids, pets, etc. Mind you, some days being along sucked, big time. Now, I worry that I won’t have the private time my psyche requires. I’m sure I will figure it out. But I digress.

Her Client Trilogy book cover 3D
Her Client Trilogy

The real reason I am writing this is that I discovered something last Friday and I am working hard to correct it. Apparently, editing of my Trilogy missed a lot of problems with my writing. My editor explained it to me that she had a hard time editing this series. Apparently, the story rang too close to home. Since it deals with brutal, sexual assault and an eventual entry into the world of human trafficking, I am not surprised. I wrote it to be horrendous and disturbing.

Be that as it may, I’ve spent every working hour since Friday, working with a new editor to fix the problems. I hope it will be much better as a result.

In the meantime, I will be pulling all original versions of the books from the marketplace until I can get them revised. When re-released, I will make them free for anyone who has already purchased the books. I apologize to anyone who had to suffer with an inferior product. I only have to wait until Amazon releases these books from ‘review’ so I can do this. (See below as to why I am delayed.) It was not my intention to release an inferior product and I accept the responsibility.

The following is not as an excuse but as explanation of another issue that recently surfaced.

Recently I’ve lived with Amazon changing my product pages without authorization. This includes pricing and product descriptions. Pricing I have since figured out. It’s the inexplicit changing product descriptions which is most frustrating. It seems that I will fix the description, verify that it appears as I want hours later, only to find that the next day, the description has changed to something I did not authorize. ‘Arrggghhhhh’. They even mixed descriptions from one book to another. Double ‘Arrggghhhhh’.

Something is going on that I don’t pretend to understand. I am working daily on figuring it out and I have working theory. I will admit. I am frustrated but I am working it through. My Amazon customer support requests seem to fix the description. Yet, a day or two later, the issue returns. I apologize again and all I can do is ask for your patience.

This really has been a challenge for someone who also works a full-time job, maintains a household and handles other day-to-day needs. I can’t dedicate a full day, every day, on this shit! So, please, I ask, can you be patient?

However, one piece of feedback has me confused. One commentator mentioned that I misspelled the word ‘Prolog’. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, this is a viable alternative spelling to ‘Prologue’ from which it is based. I chose ‘Prolog’ and ‘Epilog’ and will probably continue to do so as it has a special meaning to me after watching all those 70’s shows that prominently played a ‘Prolog’ and ‘Epilog’ with them. To me, ‘Prologue’ and ‘Epilogue’ are way too formal and not appropriate to my books. If I ever write a historical drama, textbook or other such book, I will be sure to use the spelling ‘Prologue’. In the meantime, I hope this person will learn to deal with it.

Enough for today and this weekend. I hope you will check out my other books, ‘The Taste of Honey’ and ‘Broken Steele’. Be sure to look for my third book in the series, ‘Lucky Bitch’, due out in the months to come.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow.