The other day

A few days ago, I posted that I had a terrific idea for scenes and dialog for my next book, ‘Lucky Bitch’. As a result, I decided to take a couple of days off from posting updates to this site and concentrate on writing these scenes.

I am pleased to report that, despite working a full-time job and other responsibilities at home, I was able to write 13,000 words over three days. For me, that’s an awesome accomplishment. Normally, I average about 2,000 words at a sitting and if I can get 7,000 in a week, that’s a good week. So, this is just another way to think that numbers count.

Typing furiouslyNot to be too self-absorbed but I’m patting myself on the back. After, congratulations for these mini-accomplishments are few and far between. Whoo hoo!

When you get to read these scenes, you’ll realize that Mona is in for some awesome fun instead of the strife and terrorism she’s been dealing with in this third book. I can’t wait to finish it so that you can all read it.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. It’s been a good day and I hope it was a good one for you too. Till next time, this is Richard Verry, reporting from my desk with some tired but eager fingers on the keyboard.