Can you trust negative reviews?

Why you can’t really trust negative reviews Hello to all my friends and readers. I’m very interested in reviews, including negative reviews. In preparing for the imminent release of my newest book Perfect Prey, the sequel to The Trafficking Consortium, I’ve kept my eyes and ears open to anything that might apply to you, my… Continue reading Can you trust negative reviews?

Hello all my fans and readers


It’s been, maybe, more than a week since I last wrote to you. Sorry about that. Marketing, headaches, and producing the paperback version of ‘The Trafficking Consortium,’ focused my attention these last several days. Let’s start with marketing. Alright, so the image I’ve chosen is not directly related to my business, but the image does… Continue reading Hello all my fans and readers

Marketing and Self-Publishing

Changing the word impossible to possible.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to writing and marketing my books. I’ll tell you; I much prefer writing over marketing. As an independent publisher, I have to split my valuable time between the two. It seems that at most times, the split is not even. Rather, the nod goes to marketing rather than… Continue reading Marketing and Self-Publishing

How do I think of these things in such detail?

How do I think of these things in such detail? Yesterday, I received this intriguing comment from one of my readers. My life partner girlfriend also wants to know the answer to this question. She cringes at many of my stories. As many times as I try to satisfy her with a reply, sooner or… Continue reading How do I think of these things in such detail?

Sunday Update 1/15

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Sunday Update 1/15 It’s Sunday morning, and for the first time in a very long time, I see blue sky above. They tell me that within the U.S.; my city has the second fewest blue skies throughout the year. Seattle being the first. Speaking of Seattle, the Seahawks went down quickly to the Atlanta Falcons… Continue reading Sunday Update 1/15