I’m Ecstatic

Her Client Trilogy book cover 3D
Her Client Trilogy

I’m ecstatic!

My latest books, all part of the ‘Her Client Trilogy’ published just this past weekend is off to a great start. They are selling well. The books are:

  1. Her Client : Don’t Ignore your Clients
  2. Her Overseer : Don’t Piss off your Owner
  3. Her Essentia : Make sure She stays Dead

So, thank you to everyone who has purchased the books or even read the previews. I’m very happy that you have chosen to be introduced to my stories. I hope more people will read the previews and then enjoy reading all three novellas.

They are available right here on my site, richardverry.com as well as Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBook and many other eBook distributors. If you are so inclined, please post a review at the site of purchase. I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions to my writings.

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Be sure to read this new trilogy by Richard Verry.


Meet Jolene, an attractive account executive who manages numerous accounts for a number of high maintenance clients. On one particular day, she is unable to personally return calls from many of her clients. Exhausted, she leaves the office with every intent to follow-up first thing in the morning.

One client in particular is livid that he never got a return call. What happens next is the client’s response as he puts into action his plan of revenge and compensation.

Follow Jolene as she is trapped and punished for simply being who she is. She suffers unimaginable acts of violence and torment before finding a way out of her situation.

This trilogy is a dark, gritty, realistic depiction of the darker side of human depravity. It contains criminal scenes of sexual assault, violence, bondage, brutality, sadism and strong language.

It is not suitable for readers under the age of 18 or who are offended by realistic dark topics. It is part erotica and part suspense thriller.