Lucky Bitch

Book 3 in the Mona Bendarova Series
Mona struggles with a challenge she never expected.

Lucky Bitch Cover RevealIn the third installment of Mona’s story, called Lucky Bitch, Mona accepts a new, elevated position within the Community.

Born and bred as a submissive to serve her Master, Mona found herself the Mistress of a house she never wanted. It’s a role she is ill-prepared. Lost and alone, she struggles to support and feed the multitude within her house.

Working tirelessly, exhausted, and more cross day by day, Mona struggles to safeguard her stable from conversion. The problem is, they are starving. It’s an irreconcilable quandary. Convert her own so the rest can eat or go hungry and starve off humanity’s slow extinction. Succumbing to the immediate needs of her house, Mona submits, trusting the greater good will make it all worthwhile.

Mona is not the only one unhappy. A few of the other houses are not happy that the Community gifted her as a House Mistress. Fighting to remove her, Mona must fend off terror attacks from agents within her house.

Mona struggles to rise above the prejudice and anger prevalent around her. The attacks are unrelenting, and she’s feeling the pressure. Is Mona strong enough to protect her stable? Can she fulfill her destiny?

Can Mona reverse the decline of humanity racing towards extinction?

Read ‘Lucky Bitch’ today and find out for yourself.

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What they say about the Mona Bendarova Series.

Very entertaining… Riveting at points… I found myself enthralled in this book and have gotten my friends and family interested in reading this book. This book is very easy to read, and the character development is unique and enjoyable to follow.” — Heather Martin

“Really got me thinking. This book really got me. From the very beginning I had the feeling something wasn’t typical … and Mr. Verry certainly came through with that as the plot develops. … Read this one for yourself … very entertaining!!” — Helena Price

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