Her Client

Her Client

Book 1 in the ‘Her Client Trilogy’
Don’t ignore your clients.

In ‘Her Client’, follow Jolene, an attractive account executive as she suffers unimaginable and inconceivable acts of violence and brutality. You will scream when she does in this gripping and heinous tale. Lose yourself in Jolene’s torment and share her sickening agony.

You’ll bite your knuckles in this captivating and horrific story. When you read Jolene’s story, you’ll wonder, “Could it happen to you?”

Her Client

Her Client

Her ClientNever ignore your clients. What happened to Jolene could happen to anyone. It could even happen to you.

If you enjoy disturbing scenes, cruel villains, and terrified heroines, you’ll shudder and cry for her in this captivating thriller. Tap the link to read the book today!



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As you read ‘Her Client’, you will meet Jolene, an attractive account executive, who manages far too many high-maintenance clients and their accounts. She’s had a long, hard day, missing out on returning timely calls for some of her clients. She leaves the office exhausted with every intention to follow-up first thing in the morning. She never gets the chance.

One client in particular, is livid that she never returned his calls. What happens next is the incredible and brutal response. Follow Jolene as she suffers unimaginable and inconceivable acts of violence and cruel suffering all because of a simple missed phone call.

Lose yourself in Jolene’s torment and feel her gripping, horrifying agony. Cover your mouth if you don’t want the neighbors to hear you shriek. When you read her story, you’ll scream when she does in this gripping story.

When you finish this story, you’ll wonder if this really could happen to you, to all of us.

Appropriate for readers 18+.

A Letter from Jolene to her clients

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