Retribution is out

That’s right; Retribution is out. Retribution is book 6 in the Consortium Series. Published on October 13, a few of my readers found it before I could announce it. As of this writing, 84 readers like you have already read it. That’s only ten days. OMG. What’s even cooler is that I have already received nothing less than a couple of 5-star reviews.

Thank you, readers. I love you and appreciate you sticking with me.

I’ve also received some comments on the book on my website. One commenter starts they were very disappointed that I didn’t end the series but went on to say they are happy to find out there will be a book 7 in the series.

Yes, there will be another book, Virginia. Sorry, I used the phrase from the popular holiday story, Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. I’ve already begun work on it.

How to read Retribution.

If you’ve missed it, it’s available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited. Shhh! You don’t need a Kindle to read it. You can read it on your phone, tablet, and computer by downloading the app to your device. I read all my books on either, using them as the situation fits. I usually use my android phone to read my books. It’s small, compact, always charged, and always with me.

However, sometimes an actual book comes in handy, and I’ll read it that way. A regular book is often better suited when riding the bus or train to work and back. That’s what my father did his entire career. There’s no need to charge the device, and it fits neatly in most briefcases, purses, and handbags.

Retribution: The Noose Tightens

What’s it about.

Well, here is the blurb on the paperback’s back cover. You won’t see this if you read the eBook version.

The Consortium’s activities exposed worldwide, Sir is determined to return to the shadows.

Easier said than done. A multi-national effort strives to shut them down no matter what it takes.

Nothing short of bringing the leadership and the members to pay for their crimes against humanity will satisfy the global community.

Sir is frantic to prevent their downfall on his watch.

Determined to shut them down permanently, Heather and her new friends travel the world, coordinating the efforts of their multi-national supporters.

Everything Sir does hits roadblock after roadblock. He turns to his favorite pastimes, a bottle of scotch and his prey in the dungeons.

Who will prevail in the global struggle for dominance, the lions or the prey?

What does this blurb mean?

Yeah, I know. It’s a blurb meant to get you to open the book and read it. It’s not a summary of the book. Without revealing too much about the plot, I’ll tell this.

In book 5, Exposure, the existence and activities of the Consortium are exposed globally due to no fault of their own. A flock of birds brings their cargo plane, carrying the next batch of victims, crashing in the marshes around New York City. Unable to contain the media coverage, Sir tries his best to put the media coverage on the back pages. He fails. Sir is at a loss for what to do. 

Despondent with no one to turn to, he turns to drink and takes out his frustration on the last of his prey stored in his dungeon.

Working together.

Cut off from all the news outside his estate; Sir keeps Avril in the dark about the crash. Only she knows something is terribly wrong with him and the Consortium. Avril figures there might be an opportunity to escape, but she is uncertain how to proceed. Her only option is to wait for a chance.

Doing her best to stay out of his way, avoiding his anger and despondency, she threads her way through the tumult until he pulls himself together, which he does with a passion. Torn between wanting to escape and her instinct to care for him, he makes it up to her through passionate sex. After all, he taught her years ago to love sex, especially with him. Overall, he is a fantastic lover, one the likes of him she’s never experienced before her capture.

Retribution: The Noose Tightens

Throughout all this, governments worldwide work together to find and take the Consortium down. The key players know they can’t trust their own personnel, but somehow they make it work and get a bead on key locations the Consortium uses to conduct their vile business.

Survival is on the line

Will the collation of governments make headway against the Consortium, or are they doomed to fail? Can Sir and the Consortium return to the shadows? Is the Consortium doomed?

Click the book cover to read Retribution and find out.

Click this link to read more about it on my website.

Whoo-hoo, Retribution is out. Halleluiah.

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  1. Dagmar

    I could not get enough of this book. I feel it is the best so far in this series. Once I started reading, I could not put it down.

    One of the things I liked was that Mr. Verry put many details in areas that coincide with World events. Also much thought in how the government and devices might work.

    As for the characters themselves. Sir, is at his cruelest. His prey suffered unbearable pain. The horrid torturing and Sir loving to hear their screams. Avril is still not aware of what is happening. Their sexy, heavy and hot sex scenes leaving them both aware of their bond to each other.

    Will Sir be able to save the “Consortium”? What will the members do when they need more prey? Does Avril die by Sir’s hand or help him rebuild the Consortium and make it more secure and stronger for the future?

    There is so much more we need to know. Please don’t keep us waiting too long. We need book 7.

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