Writing My Ass Off

Writing my Ass Off

It’s true. I’ve been writing my ass off. But what does that mean? It means that I’ve been working on finishing Book 6 in the Consortium Series. I wrote at every opportunity and every weekend for two months. I got so into the story that I needed to find out how it ended. Therefore, writing my ass off to finish this book was very fulfilling.

Throughout this period, I kept thinking of you, my loyal readers. I wanted to update you on my progress. However, I got so involved with the story I figured you would forgive me. 

But I know you want to see where this comment is leading. Yesterday, I finished the draft of the book, and now it is off to editing. Yeah!!!!

Consortium Series

How it Got Done

My weekends started by going into my home office, sitting at my computer, paying the latest new bills, and with coffee nearby, I opened the draft of my book, writing my ass off. Don’t worry, my ass is still with me, but sometimes it complains about all the sitting. 

At first, I struggled to write the book’s last act as I moved into unfamiliar territory in writing. I tried a few things and did not like them; I deleted them. Then I came up with an idea of how to finish the book. I love the technique, and it fits in with the storyline developed over the years. I am sure you will like it. And if you don’t, I won’t apologize. Everyone has opinions, and I will never tell you yours is wrong.

Writing my Ass Off

writing my ass off

I’d start in the morning and write until mid-afternoon. I probably would go longer, but my live-in partner wouldn’t like it. She’d be missing me and start texting, “Are you coming out?” From that, I could tell she was missing me, and maybe a little annoyed with me. 

I’d finish the segment I was working on and join her. The last two weekends, I’d open my laptop while sitting next to her and write some more while she put on a movie to watch.

Considering she’s retired and I still work a full-time job, I’m out of the house a lot. I get it. I understand.

What Next?

It’s off to editing. I will start that process by reading the entire book, editing this or that, which is obviously wrong. Mostly, I’m looking for inconsistencies. Then I process the draft through three of my editing/grammar tools until they agree. Sometimes that’s what takes up the bulk of time. I do this to minimize the time and expense of a third-party editor. The less they have to correct, the lower the cost. This process can take four to six weeks, sometimes longer, depending on external issues.

Then it’s formatting the book for publication in ebook and print formats. In the middle of this, there’s cover design and selection, followed by uploading it to the distributors. Ah, the life of self-publication.

What will be the title?

Over the last six months, I jotted down notes and ideas for a title. I kept them all handy until I finished the draft. This morning, I chose the most appropriate title. 

I hope you look forward to reading the next installment in the Consortium Series, Book 6, 

“Retribution: The Noose Tightens.” 

It should be out in approximately two months. Stay tuned.

The Noose Tightens
Consortium Book 6,
Retribution: The Noose Tightens

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2 thoughts on “Writing My Ass Off

  1. Carolyn Panetski Reply

    Good Evening Mr. Verry! I love hearing about your creative process and I am looking forward to Book 6. I tried to get started this summer with reading works of interest from a couple of authors that I enjoy while waiting for your book 6 of the Consortium. I’m recovering from back surgery I had earlier in the summer so it was difficult to concentrate on reading. As a result I skimmed through the earlier books in this Consortium series & tried to imagine the direction book 6 will go. You haven’t given anything away in your blog but the title is giving me some pause. Can’t wait for the book to come out. By the time it does I will be ready to concentrate & be able to devour this next installment.

    1. Richard Verry Reply

      Hello Ms. Panetski
      Thanks for writing. Yes, I’m in a formal mood today. I hope you make a full recovery. I’d be interested in who the authors are you enjoy reading. We readers all have our favorites. I wonder if we have some overlap, or if there is someone I know nothing about. Retribution, Consortium Book 6, will make you cringe among other things. The parallels to real life are uncanny. Rest up and get prepared.

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