The Day After

The Day After

Christmas girl delivering presentsAs I deal with the day after hangover and fatigue from celebrating the holiday I can’t help but reflect upon all the good cheer I saw and experienced these last two days.

Forget about the gifts people exchanged. They were all very nice and appreciated, not only by me but the members of my family and friends as well.

Rather, it was the fact that we were all together, sharing ourselves with each other. The bar took a major hit, that’s for sure and I certainly did my share of imbibing. The meal we prepared was a hit and everyone got their fill. From the snacks, appetizers, the main course, the deserts and the after dinner drinking, no one seemed to be wanting.

For me, while it was a lot of work to host this gathering, the day ended with a smile on my face, a lightness in my step and warmth in my gut. Taking care of the needs of my guests and family was a joy. Thank you to all who came and those that could not. Thoughts of you were in the forefront of my mind. Thank you one and all for a very pleasant time.

And yet, as I write this, I can’t help but think of those not so fortunate out there. I can’t imagine how it must be for those with no one to share the holiday with. I can’t fathom being alone, hungry and destitute. I know many who tried to help the less fortunate over these last few days. However, I am worried that many missed the opportunity for even the smallest spark of hope and cheer in their lives.

Come next month, will we even remember the good deeds that we did this last week? Will we remember to continue doing goods deeds for others? I am uncertain as to the answer to these questions. They will still be hungry and alone. It is my hope that we remember those less fortunate every month, every week and every day and continue to strive to help as we can. Can we do that? Can I do that? I hope I can. I hope you can too.

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