Why did I write ‘The Taste of Honey’ (part 2)

‘The Taste of Honey’ is a tale that everyone can find something in it for them. Whether they describe themselves kinky or not, they can connect to the characters and place themselves in the middle of the action.

My books are not meant for everyone yet I am pleased with my writings and most importantly staying true to myself. You will definitely find something that will connect you to my books.

For my ‘vanilla’ friends, I would like to share a comment from my traditional sister. She struggled to get through the book yet by the end she came to realize that she was crying. She exclaims that it was  due to the love story that reveals itself along the way. I thought if she was able to find a connection to my characters, so will you.

It is my belief that there is something for everyone in the book. Whether you’re monogamous or poly-amorous, gay or straight, kinky or vanilla, there’s something for you. There’s romance, suspense, mystery, crime and punishment. The only topics that I will never include in my books are religion, terrorism and war. These are concepts that I believe the human race has experienced and now it’s time to move forward.

Honey’s story contains violence and pacifism. There is also a spiritualism to Honey that is hinted in this book and expanded upon in the sequel,’Broken Steele’. It will grow deeper in the third book, ‘Lucky Bitch’ which I’m currently writing.

These books are ultimately, a paranormal fantasy. Some of the scenes you may want to partake and enjoy yourselves. Others, may feel that they will forever remain in the realm of fantasy. Either way is fine though I am hoping Chapter One will one day become a reality for me! (Yep, my mind will always go there!)

In my mind, that is how all business should be conducted. If you ever get to participate in a similar meeting, please share your experiences. I am also interested in reading your constructive critiques. Maybe even a dialogue over each of our thoughts will occur. I will look forward to that discussion.

Please check out ‘The Taste of Honey’ and when you are ready to move on, try ‘Broken Steele’. The first chapter for each is available for free on this site as well as on Amazon and other e-book retailers. ‘The Taste of Honey’ and ‘Broken Steele’ are available now on this website as well as Amazon and other book online retailers.

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