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In Monas world, an extinction event, the devastating plague killed off the bulk of humanity and destroyed all animal and vegetable sources of protein. Today, humans are severely lacking in critical proteins necessary to maintain not only life but the species.

Find out about the world Mona shares with her family and friends. Discover the in’s and out’s of her culture and how it came to pass.

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Monas World Society DNA

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⇒ Mona and Honey come to life

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⇒ The Purge Plague

Find out more by reading Book One in the series, ‘The Taste of Honey.’ If you find this story intriguing, then you will find the entire series fascinating.

In Book 2, Broken Steele, revisits Mona shortly after she rescues Honey, and the discovery of the secret revealed as a result of her kidnapping.

Book 3, Lucky Bitch, finds Mona in a situation she is totally unprepared for. She must learn a new way of life, from a perspective in which she flounders.

While Book 4, Angry Bitch has Mona dealing with a torn in half community struggling to deal with ideas and conceptions of how life is suppose to be, and in odds with Mona and those who back her.