Consortium Supplemental

In this section, Consortium Supplemental, explore the cabal known as the Consortium and their member’s hidden agenda to take what they want, hurt and kill others, just to satisfy their dark desires and fantasies.

How did I come up with this story line?

After suffering my concussion in 2016, my mind was jelly for the longest time. The creative side of me left, leaving me to worry that it would never come back. For a guy who completely blends the creative with the logical sides of my brain, I was worried.

Then one day, waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting to be seen at one of my many appointments, I looked up and studied the clerk behind the glass, checking in the next person. As I sat there, the following question crossed my mind: “What could possibly happen if the clerk checking you in for a doctor’s appointment sold your personal information to someone they were not supposed to pass on? What could possibly happen?”

From that single question, the story unfolded in my head. Filled with joy and happiness, I couldn’t wait to get home and jot notes down on a story framework and begin writing. My creative mind was back. Whoopee!

Read this comment from one of my readers

I was captivated by your CONSORTIUM series. I really miss the Sir/Avril relationship around which you developed a unique plot which I am waiting to continue. As much as I would like to continue reading, please take your time so as not to spoil the exquisite quality of what I’ve read so far. If I’d known how much I missed reading the saga, I’d have limited my consumption so as to make the reading last longer as my wife is now doing. In any event, keep writing. We have also started reading some of your other works. Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the series.

William Billar – June 16, 2022

A stunning woman. A secret cabal of torture. Can she submit long enough to escape?

Avril Gillios keeps herself in top physical condition. So much the better for the casual flings, where she submits herself to a man’s control. But her marathon running and clean eating has made her sought after in a different circle: a thousand-year-old sex trafficking organization. Little does she know she’s about to be purchased…

As the head of the powerful Consortium, Sir exudes power, confidence, and male charm. When he purchases Avril for his own secret pleasures, he shivers at the thought of orchestrating her delicious screams.

Handcuffed to Sir’s dark desires, Avril’s only chance for survival depends on thoroughly pleasing her intrigued master. As the man’s twisted pleasures expand, can Avril endure long enough to outwit the sadistic punisher or will her tight tether be the last thing she sees?

The Trafficking Consortium is the first book in a dark human trafficking series suitable for ages 18 and over. If you like disturbing details, charming villains, and desperate heroes, you’ll love Richard Verry’s tie-you-in-knots thriller.

Consortium Supplemental

Consortium Supplemental, who is Avril Gillios

⇒ Who is Avril Gillios?

⇒ Who is Sir?

⇒ What is the Consortium?

Find out more by reading Book One in the series, ‘The Trafficking Consortium.’ If you find this story intriguing, then you will find the entire series fascinating.

In Book 2, ‘Perfect Prey,’ after negotiating with Sir to give him what he needs, while safeguarding her life, Avril trains under Sir’s tutelage, hoping to join the cabal she hates. Understandably, there is resistance that Sir must overcome and prove to herself her worthiness.

Book 3, ‘UnderCurrents,’ has Sir arguing with the Consortium, while Avril continues to show her readiness to elevate herself within Sir’s community. Will her application be accepted and will she be allowed to join this cabal?

While in Book 4, ‘Infiltration,’ finds Avril struggling to stay alive as a significant segment of the membership attempts to thwart her entry into the Consortium. Meanwhile, the outsiders are getting close to exposing their existence.

Fast forward to Book 5, ‘Exposure,’ pits the Consortium against the world. A cargo plane crashes, spilling its cargo bound for the auction center over a quarter mile. Unable to contain the situation, the world finds out about the Consortium, and the reason for their existence. The hunted become the hunters.

Book 6, in development, targeting a late summer or early fall release, follows what happens when the world discovers the Consortium’s existence and what they attempt to do about it. Sir struggles to contain the situation. while Avril suffers from Sir’s difficulty return the Consortium to the underworld where they used to reside. Whether or not Sir succeeds is yet to be determined.