I have an additional incentive to continue writing. I am referring, of course, to my latest novel, Exposure. It’s doing well. In fact, some of you out there discovered its release and started reading it before I announced it. Across the board, my sales are up 37% since its release when comparing them to the average of the last quarter with January’s numbers.

Exposure turned out as an incentive to write more.

So what is my incentive to write, you may ask? With success like that, how can I not write my stories? I’m encouraged and excited to add to my stories. That’s good news for you, my readers. Why, you may ask?

During Exposure’s writing and editing phase, I struggled with deciding to end Avril’s story in my latest book. I could have finished it. I had even mapped out a way to end it, leaving some unresolved questions and subplots.

At least one of my reviewers complained I hadn’t, vowing never to read my novels ever again. After discussing it with my editor and beta readers, I left it as is and move on to write the sixth book in the series. I might even write more. The Consortium Series is, after all, a serialized story.

Long story short, I’m excited to write more, especially now that I have an enticing incentive. I’ve already started working on it, writing copious notes and such.

And before I forget. Thank you to all my readers for making this a success story.

What else is new?

My website design, for one. There’s a whole new look at, which you can already see if you are reading this blog entry. There’s a new landing page, and I trimmed the menus into a simpler design. I hope you like it. I turned it up on Sunday.

I’m likely to do a few small tweaks on the site, but I’m more likely to leave it alone and get back to work with the next segment in Avril’s story. As you can tell, I’m excited about getting going.

Ah, the Holidays, more incentive to write

Yes, the holiday season is over. Thank the gods. I need a drink. A martini will do.

Martini Glass ornament, I drank quite a few martinis this holiday season

Since October, I have decorated, dedecorated, and redecorated three times. I’m so tired of it all, stowing away the last of it this past Sunday. I have my home back to normal, focusing on more important things. Perhaps one day, I’ll earn enough with my writing to hire someone to take care of it for me.

On a positive note, my robotic vacuum cleaner, whom I named Alice, did a great job sweeping up the last of the holiday debris. Alice is a Roomba iRobot i7+ I bought last year to clean areas I struggled to keep clean. Have you ever tried to get all those dust bunnies out from under the bed? I did. I couldn’t get them all unless I pulled the bed out and away from the wall. Alice is great, getting every last one of the pesky critters.

Have a great day. Happy reading.

Please send me a note about what you think. I’m always interested in what my readers think of my stories.

4 thoughts on “Incentive

  1. Maggi

    I have really enjoyed the Consortium series. I do hope you resolve Avril and Sir’s storyline ( part of me wants Sir’s redemption, and part of me wants him skewered and slow roasted and fed to his surviving prey), and am anxious to know if Shelby survives. I would love to know what happened to the mother – daughter pair, as well as a few others we’ve been introduced to throughout the series.
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    1. Richard Verry

      Maggi, I’m glad you are enjoying my Consortium series. You ask good questions, and too, want to know these answers and more. I’m hard at work on answering many of them. I hope to get book 6 out later this year.

      Please accept my apologies for not responding to you sooner. I’ve been under the weather for the last ten days, but I’m on the mend.

  2. Carolyn

    Hi Mr. Verry, I am reading all your Blogs at about the same time ( within a couple of days) because I didn’t get them before. As mentioned in my last comment, I was laid up most of 2021 due to 2 spinal surgeries and did not read like I wanted to do. Main reason was because one of my medications for my nerves affected my eye sight. A lot of blurryness and words actually were jumping off the page. So I needed to put down books for a few months.
    I downloaded “Exposure” and very anxious to get started and give you my review.
    I read “Incentive” (above) and am really excited about maybe continuing your story of Avril. I just love her character.
    Thank You, Carolyn

    1. Richard Verry

      Take care and get well. I hope all goes well for you.

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