Parallels of Covid-19 and the Purge Plague

Parallels of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Purge Plague

The parallels of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Purge Plague are eerily similar. Granted, the Purge Plague is a fictional pandemic, conceptualized in my Mona Bendarova novels. When I began writing the first novel in the series, ‘The Taste of Honey’ #TOH in 2011, the Purge Plague #purgeplague was the catalyst that started society on the road to where Mona’s community ended up. The Purge Plague was an unstoppable pandemic that ended up killing everyone and everything. Mother Nature corrected the imbalance we placed upon her.

Pandemic and the Purge PlagueThe parallels between our current pandemic and that which later became known as the Purge Plague are uncanny. In my novels, I theorized that scientists and corporate greed played with our food supply to increase yield and lower costs.

Their manipulations the genes of our food stock through GMOs resulted in loosing upon the globe a mutation in nature’s gene pool that eradicated ninety-nine percent of the global population of animals and the vegetation capable of feeding those that survived. Nothing stopped the pandemic, and everything died off. A hundred years later, except for a few humans, not a single animal, fish, bird, or insect remained. Nothing. Nada.

Mother Earth was barren, and her children, namely us, nearly murdered her. The earth was close to becoming a dead, cold planet all by our doing.

Can you imagine what people today would think and do if Covid-19 was just the beginning, leading to a catastrophic #extinction event?

Observations of the Pandemic and the Purge Plague

I have been watching this Covid-19 pandemic closely now since it first broke out. The parallels between the pandemic and the Purge Plague are eerie. I don’t know how the Covid-19 virus mutated into its current form, capable of killing those infected in weeks. One might even say I don’t care. However, I do care.

My parents raised me to live in harmony with Mother Nature, to respect her and let her guide my life. My parents took me camping since I was born. They taught me never to disturb nature’s plan while enjoying her gifts. Respect her, respect the forest, and I would be alright. They taught me that before breaking camp, police the area and clean up after myself. If I packed it in, pack it out. Leave the site as I found it. Do not presume I know better than nature and try to leave it better than what it was.

Bill Maher’s Editorial

I watched ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ on HBO this past weekend. His closing editorial struck me as spot on. He argued that “you can’t trash the environment […] and not let it come back to kill you.” That’s a direct quote. I agree.

Now, he was arguing about the conditions we force our animals to live in, only to die, so what we might live is horrendous.

He believes “the lesson we keep refusing to learn, is that torturing animals is what got us into this mess.”

He’s referring to the crowded conditions in which we cage animals. Whether they be food stock, pets, or zoological specimens, the overcrowded conditions we force them into is harmful to their health. We pump them with antibiotics, which passes to us, making us more susceptible to disease because of antibiotic-resistant strains that pop up all the time. He went on to say that ninety percent of all hogs have pneumonia when slaughtered. I don’t know how true that is. I’ve not done the research. However, it makes sense to me. “Animal cruelty leads to catastrophe.”

ecological time bombNature does what nature does. “Ecological time-bombs #ecologicaltimebomb tick the same.” Nature will correct imbalances that we force upon her. If that means we must die for Mother Nature to survive, so be it. We will die. She doesn’t care about us in the long run. She’s been around for millions of years and will live on for millions of years after we are long gone. “Nature can survive without us. We cannot survive without nature.”

We cannot keep trashing our environment with her taking corrective action.


I’ve thought for years about writing a prequel to my Mona Bendarova series. I’d love to explore today’s world we live in and write the story of how humanity ends up in Mona’s time. Watching the parallels with the Covid-19 pandemic and the Purge Plague is giving me food for thought, and stories to tell.

I hope that none of this comes to pass and that we, and I mean all of us, leave this world unharmed. That means, stop being selfish, doing what we want and listen to Mother Nature. Abide by her rules. Do we have a choice? I contend we don’t, at least if we want us to survive.

I’d love to hear from you. Please send me your comments. I want to read what you have to say.

All quotes are from Bill Maher’s #billmaher commentary made on his show, ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ #realtime aired on HBO April 20, 2020. Watch it yourself on YouTube and let me know.