What is there to say?

That is a very good question. I continue pushing through, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day. Besides the constant elevated headache, I’m fatigued both mentally and physically. My emotions are raw and all I can do is think about sleep. Ah, blissful sleep, a time when I don’t register my pain and discomfort. And yet, there have been times, when I dreaded going to bed to sleep. What an awful way to live.Neuro-fatigue

It turns out that I must be my own care manager as well as a patient. Sucks, big time, let me tell you. My doctor’s treating my post-concussion symptoms are all specialists, who only know their own narrow field of expertise. The doctor who is managing my case, simply tells me, that they only assess and refer me to specialists. They are not in the business of treating.

“Say what? What kind of shit is that?” I thought as they told me that. But there it is. I have to make the phone calls, follow-up interactions between the various doctors (and yes, there are a lot of them), the pharmacy, and the insurance company handling my worker’s comp claim.

And let’s not get into the impact all this has had on my retirement plan. I just got my statement. My income reported to the plan was about half of what I should have earned last year. It’s not going to be much better next year. I knew I lost some money by being out of work, but really, almost half of my typical income? On top of that, I have to make up the lost time to retire with full benefits, which means I will have to work an additional six months before I retire. Crap!

As of today, I am on two new meds, and so far, I am getting some good results. The next couple of weeks will tell. I am hoping for good news.

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