Word of the Day: osculate

Couple Kissing
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Word of the Day: osculate

osculate (verb) AHSS-kyuh-layt


: kiss


“One thing I forgot to ask the guy in the bar: When his significant other ended their relationship, did she at least osculate him goodbye?” — Mike Royko, “Love Lost in Lingo,” 3 June 1981

“Attorney Dan Bailey was the officiant-with-a-sense-of-humor, advising the groom, ‘You may now osculate your bride.'” — Business Observer (Sarasota, Florida), 24 May 2012

Osculate, not oscillate
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Did You Know?

Osculate comes from the Latin noun osculum, meaning “kiss” or “little mouth.” It was included in a dictionary of “hard” words in 1656, but we have no evidence that anyone actually used it until the 19th century—except for scientists who used it differently to mean “to have contact with.” Today, osculate is used in geometry for the action of a pair of curves or surfaces that touch so that they have a common tangent at the point of contact. When osculate is used to mean “kiss,” the context is typically humorous.

My Take

Well, osculate is another new word for me. After researching it, it appears to be a little-used word. After all, why would I say ‘Waking up, the first thing I do is osculate my girlfriend good morning.’ It just doesn’t have the right connotation to me. It doesn’t sound natural. I’d rather say, ‘Waking up, the first thing I do is kiss my girlfriend good morning.’

Couple Kissing
Source: Merriam-Webster

Osculate means kissing or to kiss. Let me tell you; I love kissing. The partner I choose in life has to be a good kisser. Let me be the first to announce, she is. When we go at it, it’s like heaven in a moment. The connection in our osculation (see what I mean?) kiss is without comparison. In many ways, it’s better than sex. As we kiss, I can feel her excitement build, her mouth open, and her breathing going deeper and fuller. I can feel the heat build not only in her lips but throughout her entire body. It’s like we’re melting. It’s a behavior that I find hard to describe using words. Stringing together thousands of words to describe it, does not do justice to kissing. You have to experience it for yourself in order to understand.

Then, of course, is the ultimate osculation.

There we go again, what the fuck does that mean. Let’s try that again.

Then, of course, is the ultimate kiss.

You know the kiss I mean, oral sex between consenting partners. When two lovers kiss each other this way, expresses the ultimate act of passion, giving to the other and sharing pleasure on a completely different realm. For me, it’s better than sex but it will never be better than osculating lips to lips, I mean kissing lips to lips.

I urge you to osculate with your favorite partner and lover today. Right now even. Why do you think the ballparks have the ‘Kiss Cam’ during breaks in the action. People love to kiss and be kissed. Please, do it today. Do it now.

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