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Words can make you feel

My Take

I found out recently that some of my followers don’t know that I add ‘My Take‘ to my Word of the Day posts.

My Take? What does that mean you ask? What good would it do if I just spit out what someone else wrote? I ask you. It’s a waste of time and energy. You could subscribe to that feed and get the same content.

What makes my version worthwhile is that I add a commentary that I hope you will find inspiring, interesting, or just plain cool. I research the word, adding images that I believe are pertinent to the meaning of the term and that you, the reader, will find interesting.

So, please, scroll down from the definition and read my take. There are tidbits in each and every one that you will find interesting. Plus, in many cases, I include a gift if you would share the post on Twitter. Of course, to get the gift, you have to share it using the Twitter buttons displayed on my post. Psst! There’s one on this post. Share it from this page on Twitter to see what it is.

Thanks for continuing to read my posts.

Woman in words 2 by JuanOsborne
Woman in words 2
by JuanOsborne, inspiration from Michale Ezra

Please share your comments. I’m sure we would all enjoy reading them.

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