What does going through ‘hell’ mean to you?

What does going through hell mean to you? To some, it’s missing your morning coffee. To others, it could be going through cigarette withdrawal or even a drug addiction. Still, to others, it could mean a bad day at school or work, being fired from your job, or being sent to prison for possession of pot intended for personal use. Everyone has their definition of going through hell and it can change from day-to-day, depending upon a multitude of nudges from the cosmos.

Her-Client-Trilogy-advert3aTo Jolene in ‘Her Client‘, it means having a rough day at work, coming home expecting to wind down with a glass of wine and a hot soak in the tub, only to be assaulted in her home, bound and raped before being sold into human bondage. She finds herself stolen from her home and thrown in the middle of sadistic tormentors whose happy time is defined with inflicting unspeakable torments on their victims. They live to hear others scream as they have their way with them, abuse and assault them. Success is measured in how much pleasure they feel as their victims scream, cry, and beg for their lives. The flames of their lives that are eventually snuffed out as their tormentors reach their climax.

Suffering through her ordeal, Jolene discovers the existence of an under current of sadists hell-bent on hurting her, inflicting unimaginable pain and agony upon her body, while keeping her alive for as long as possible before ending her existence in a sadistic sexual orgasm. Her discovery reveals a circle of sadists who do to others, what they are doing to her, and will do it again and again to other helpless souls. They trade their victims back and forth as market commodities and share their experiences with each other. Jolene suffers terribly, goes through hell, and is forever changed.

Read this gripping, agonizing tale. As you flip page after page, hoping against all hope that she finds her way through the onslaught of her tormentors, you pray that she lives to tell the story.

Live to tell?

If she does, will she return to being the trusting and consulate woman she was or does she become a monster herself, enjoying the screams as once delivered to the monsters who stole her life from her.

Find out for yourself and read the Her Client trilogy available at www.richardverry.com/books/her-client-trilogy, or on Amazon at www.amazon.com/richard-verry/e/B00YQLXU2E, or in paperback at www.createspace.com/6052481.