Perfect Prey, are you being hunted?

Are you being hunted? Is someone following you? Are you being hunted? Can you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end? Are you their perfect prey? Perfect Prey, read it today. Available now at Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle Reader Suitable for all readers 18+

The Trafficking Consortium comes to life

Copyright (c) Richard Verry 2016

How did I come up with ‘The Trafficking Consortium?’ Coming up with the idea for my novel ‘The Trafficking Consortium’ occurred quite by accident. In the summer of 2016, I suffered a severe concussion which lay laid me for months. After a trip to the hospital, I started seeing doctors and therapists four to five… Continue reading The Trafficking Consortium comes to life

Hello my Fans

Hello my fans, Please accept my apologies for not writing for almost two weeks. These past days have been quite hectic as a result of my PCS (post concussion syndrome) and the release of my latest novel, ‘The Trafficking Consortium.’   Let me tell you; there is good news on both fronts. First, let me… Continue reading Hello my Fans