Happy Birthday! Tist

Happy Birthday Tist

Happy Birthday TistHappy Birthday Tist

Today is the birthday of the new husband of a very close and dear friend. Wishing ‘Tist’ the very best birthday. I look forward to celebrating it with you this evening.

Now watch the picture closely.

Follow the swinging bauble.

It’s going to be a great day!

You’re becoming relaxed.

There you go.

Relax … relax.

Listen to the sound of my voice and think of a pleasant place, a place that is quiet and where you at peace.

Peaceful, isn’t it.

Relax even further. Let your arms rest comfortably on the arm rest. There you go. Feeling relaxed?

Good … now … what’s your pin number.

Just kidding. Have a great day, buddy. I’ll see you later.