Free Book

Get your Free Book Did you know? My book ‘Her Client’ is available for free. That’s right, this free book is yours to own your personal copy. Click the book cover to get and read Jolene’s story today. Yes, free. It’s my way of introducing myself and my books. All I ask is that if you like… Continue reading Free Book

Keep plugging

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Keep plugging It’s Friday afternoon, and I am sitting in my home office for the first time in a week. I’m a bit surprised by that as I ordinarily come in here every day, whether I am working at my full-time job or not. The past several days have once again, been an eye-opener for… Continue reading Keep plugging

Sunday Update 1/15

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Sunday Update 1/15 It’s Sunday morning, and for the first time in a very long time, I see blue sky above. They tell me that within the U.S.; my city has the second fewest blue skies throughout the year. Seattle being the first. Speaking of Seattle, the Seahawks went down quickly to the Atlanta Falcons… Continue reading Sunday Update 1/15