Thoughts on my twitter feed

So, I’m relatively new to Twitter and Facebook, resisting for years getting the accounts. Then, I realized I needed to protect my brand before some other asshole registered my brands and began pretending to be me. Alright, so what. I dipped my toes into the arena registered them. I then went about creating some cool stuff… Continue reading Thoughts on my twitter feed

A big thank you

‘Broken Steele’, released last Thursday, is selling well. Thank you all who purchased my latest book. More in the works. And huge thank you to ‘Miss TC’ who gave me my first five star review on only it’s second day of release. Available from Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reader and in Paperback, I believe… Continue reading A big thank you

Broken Steele Released

‘Broken Steele’, the sequel to ‘The Taste of Honey’ Released. It is available from Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reader and in Paperback. Check it out. I would enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for your support. And thanks to everyone who purchased it during pre-sale. You’re the greatest.