How did you come up with the Mona character?

sitting woman with black corset

The Taste of HoneyHow did you come up with the Mona character?

When I finally figured out the title of the story ‘The Taste of Honey’, I knew how I wanted the story to end. Honey was a main character who wanted to live forever in her family and close friends. In her mind, for whatever reason, she firmly believed that her spirit could only continue on through a live roasting on a barbecue spit. Gruesome, I know, but in Honey’s universe, it’s a common practice among the community.

Knowing how the story was to end, I needed to create characters with whom Honey would share her meat. As I thought about how Honey would meet her end, I needed an avenue to get there. So, I hit upon the idea that she goes missing and someone hired to go find her.

BeautyIntroduce the investigator, Mona. Since my universe incorporated pervasive bdsm play, I decided that this character would be a masochist who enjoyed extreme play. So, her first name became Mona. Mona would be a play on the sound ‘moan’, which she would do a lot during her play.

To come up with her surname, I wanted her name to reflect her sexuality. Eventually, I came to the concept of ‘bend her over’.With a hidden message decided, I contracted it to Bendarova. To date, only one person I know has made this relate and called me on it. She smiled as she told me.

That’s how Mona Bendarova came into existence. She’s a smart, masochistic investigator who loves sex. Who’s your favorite character?

*Update* Thoughts on my twitter feed


An update to my post of the other day regarding my twitter feed. If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about, please feel free to read it. Here is the link.

Ok, after getting the same tweet on my timeline approximately once every five minutes from the same person promoting the same set of products (3) yesterday, I f**king unfollowed them.

It freed up hundreds of tweets in my timeline and allowed me to regain control of my twitter life. I don’t think the loss of unfollowing this individual will matter much to them. Before I unfollowed this person, I determined they had tens of thousands of followers.

Sorry to all you followers.

At this point, by tracking the number of tweets this person posted in a single day, I can only assume that a either this person was manically obsessed with posting tweets and promoting their product or they enabled a bot that was running out of control.

Personally, I hope it’s the later. You need to fix the bot. If it was the former, then I’m sorry. You need help. I hope you get it.

Thoughts on my twitter feed

So, I’m relatively new to Twitter and Facebook, resisting for years getting the accounts. Then, I realized I needed to protect my brand before some other asshole registered my brands and began pretending to be me.

Alright, so what. I dipped my toes into the arena registered them. I then went about creating some cool stuff to make it interesting and began following like-mind folks.

So far so good.

Now, my feeds and timelines are filled with the same individuals posting the same stuff every day, multiple times a day, promoting their products, over and over again. I can’t keep up with it. As a result, if I don’t constantly refer to the feeds just about hourly, I will lose miss what I think are the gems between the slag.

What’s a guy to do? Unfollow these people? I don’t want to. Every so often, they post something really interesting and I read deeper. If this were simple email, I’d mark the messages as junk and let my mail client filter them for me.

But this is not email. So, what’s a guy to do? I’d be interested in reading your comments on the subject. In the meantime, have a great day.

And thanks to all my supporters who have bought my books and artwork. You’re the best.